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NLP Techniques – success & fulfilment in life & business

NLP Techniques – welcome video by Michael Beale

If you are interested in NLP training and coaching, or if you are already qualified but want to update your skills, then this website is for you. We have over 65 ‘No charge’ short videos and posts for you to read, watch and listen.

NLP is an attitude, normally of curiosity, which in leads to the modelling of success. This in turn leads a number of techniques so that what is learnt from modelling can be passed on to others. Practising these techniques will increase your logical, emotional and intuitive thinking and is likely to enable you to accomplish more than you currently think is possible.

The site is split into two areas: life and business.

You can use the sections within these areas as a number of ‘mini’ courses. Simply watch the video, read the text and complete any of the exercises and questions. The art is then to apply what you’ve learnt to what you do on a daily basis. Set a long term direction for what you want to achieve and spend at least some of your time and energy every day working towards it.

If you would like to know more about our formal NLP training and NLP coaching programmes book a ‘no charge’ telephone or Skype session in Michael’s online diary.

NLP for Life

This section focuses on how you can use NLP to make improvements in your personal fulfilment.

  1. The NLP Adventure. People who treat NLP as an adventure generally get much better results. The start is a ‘discovery phase’.
  2. Plan, structure and discipline. How you can use NLP to improve your life.
  3. NLP Coaching Framework. A significant development to the GROW model.
  4. Key Techniques. Overcome blocks and increase performance.
NLP for Business

When considering NLP in business, it is critical to have some basic business models.

  1. Leadership, Management, Action and Review. Apply these ideas to your own life.
  2. Career. How can you develop your career?
  3. Going Solo. Do you want to start a business? Or maybe run the work aspect of your life as a business?
  4. NLP Sales. This is still being developed.

Read on to Start The Adventure.


NLP Techniques

NLP Techniques