NLP Techniques

In this video, Michael introduces NLP techniques to help you and your clients.

NLP techniques help us and our clients set a direction, move towards it, and make it much easier to overcome any blocks that temporarily get in the way.


Why is NLP so useful?

NLP is an attitude, normally of curiosity, which leads to the modelling of success. This then leads a number of techniques, so that what is learned from that initial modelling can be repeated and passed on to others. Practising these techniques will increase your logical, emotional, and intuitive thinking and is likely to help you to accomplish more than you currently think is possible.

NLP is a lot more than NLP techniques, however learning about NLP techniques can be the start of a fascinating adventure.


NLP techniques make us more self-aware.

A side of benefit of practicing NLP techniques is that we become more self-aware – as long as we continually notice the actual results we get! If we do, and we treat the results as information to help us know what to do next, then we will invariably help our clients and develop our own skills and capabilities at the same time.


What do we offer?

This NLP Techniques site is a free resource for anyone who wants to develop their NLP skills and capabilities. We also offer 1:1 NLP Training for high performing individuals anywhere in the world over Skype. See our NLP Training site for more about this.

In the summer of 2019 we will be offering a high quality, low cost 100 day online training programme. See our One Hundred Days NLP and Coaching Seminar.

In the next section we explore affirmations. Affirmations help keep us on track through all the distractions that get thrown at us.


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1: What is NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming?
2: NLP Planning Techniques
3: NLP Coaching Techniques
4: Key NLP Techniques (below)
4: NLP Business Techniques

Key NLP Techniques Section Index:

1: Introduction (This page)
2: Affirmations
3: Amplify feelings
4: Bad memories (Dissolving)
5: Bad memories (Exploding)
6: Beliefs and belief change
7: Perceptual positions
8: Fast phobia cure
9: Hypnosis and meditation
10: Luck
11: Metaprogrammes, Profiles and Preferences
12: Modelling
13. Progressive dissociation
14: Self Compassion
15: Senses and Sub-modalities
16. Six step re-framing
17: Storytelling
18: Strategies
19. Swish
20: Time and timeline
21. Visual Squash
22: Values and value rules
23: Summary


Key NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques

Key NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques