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NLP Techniques – welcome video by Michael Beale

A very warm welcome to my NLP Techniques website.

The site started as a resource for my 1:1 NLP training and coaching clients, but I’ve now opened it to anyone who wants to refresh and practice their NLP and Coaching skills. Enjoy!

Why is NLP so useful?

NLP is an attitude, normally of curiosity, which leads to the modelling of success. This then leads a number of techniques, so that what is learned from modelling can be repeated and passed on to others. Practising these techniques will increase your logical, emotional, and intuitive thinking and is likely to help you to accomplish more than you currently think is possible.

NLP is a lot more than NLP techniques, however learning about NLP techniques can be the start of a fascinating adventure.

NLP for life and business

The site is split into two areas: life and business.

You can use the sections within these areas as a number of ‘mini’ courses. Simply watch the video, read the text, and complete any exercises and questions. The art is then to apply what you’ve learnt to what you do on a daily basis. Set a long term direction for what you want to achieve and spend at least some of your time and energy every day working towards it.

NLP for life

This section focuses on how you can use NLP to make improvements in your personal success and fulfilment.

  1. What is NLP? The core of NLP is modelling. Exploring how we produce the results that we do, so we can replicate and improve them. People who treat NLP as an adventure and an exploration generally get significantly better results.
  2. Plan, structure and discipline. How we can use NLP to improve our lives. If we clarify what we really want, have a simple plan, take action, follow up and review what we’ve done, we’ll dramatically improve what we achieve.
  3. NLP Coaching  A significant development and improvement to the GROW model by including steps on framing, states (emotional intelligence), rapport and mental rehearsal. NLP Coaching is a great amplifier to anyone involved in coaching.
  4. Key Techniques. Overcome blocks and increase performance. Techniques include: Affirmations, Amplify feelings,  Bad memories (Dissolving),  Bad memories (Exploding)Beliefs and belief change, Perceptual positions, Fast phobia cure, Hypnosis and meditation, Luck, Metaprogrammes, Profiles and Preferences, Modelling, Progressive dissociation, Self Compassion, Senses and Sub-modalities, Six step re-framing, StorytellingStrategies, Swish, Time and timeline, Visual Squash, and  Values and value rules.

NLP for Business

When considering NLP in business, it is critical to have some basic business models.

  1. Leadership, Management, Action and Review. These business basics apply to  both our business and our personal lives. We need to apply all of them at the appropriate time to create consistently better results.  We need a certain amount of ambition, courage, openness and discipline to  achieve this.
  2. Career. How can you develop your career? We’ve found that developing a network, managing stakeholders, managing our manager, getting better at what we do now and developing our capabilities for the future are all essential elements in developing our careers.
  3. Going Solo. We recommend everyone has at least an initial plan to develop their own business whether they want to start one now or later. Even when working for someone else it’s good to consider that we’re selling our services to our employer – and consider the value we’re both giving and getting.
  4. NLP Sales. Improving our sales and marketing skills will help us and the people we work with, almost whatever we do. And however good (or bad) we are, we can always improve.
  5. Manage our Time, Energy and Focus. This is an essential part of both planning and management, but is often forgotten, so I’ve included it here. How we invest these limited resources is one of our key decisions in life.

What Else

  1. See our Techniques List, for a full list of techniques and approaches.
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  4. Later this year we’re starting a series of very special online training. See The NLP and Coaching Seminar.
  5. Michael runs individual 1:1 NLP training and coaching programmes worldwide over Skype. See our NLP Training website.
  6. We’ve partnered with METV to offer the micro expression training to help you develop your sensory acuity, read body language, and detect lies. Take your free micro expressions test now.
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