NLP Techniques. Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques.

NLP Techniques, 85+ Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques
NLP Techniques, 85+ Intriguing Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques

NLP Techniques.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a modelling approach that offers a toolkit of ways to deal with life’s opportunities and challenges. It is a very practical discipline, concerned with bringing results into the real world. See more What is NLP?

As a modelling approach NLP has resulted in many techniques and approaches to help overcome block and move towards what we want to achieve in life.

This site is a free resource for anyone taking our training, as well as anyone interested in knowing more about NLP and it’s techniques. You can access a full list of 85+ techniques on this site from our Techniques List.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Why is Neuro Linguistic Programming so useful?

NLP can help you improve your communication and influence skills quite significantly.

Not only that, but practising NLP techniques will increase your creativity, your resilience and your ability to master change – just as working out in a gym will build your physical strength, flexibility, and endurance.

In business, NLP can improve your results by helping you improve your leadership, sales, project management, coaching and relationships skills. In your personal life, it can help you connect to your purpose, overcome blocks, and help you navigate your own hero’s or heroine’s journey.

How to access different NLP Techniques and additional content on this site

Techniques List. A full index of the 85+ techniques on this site. This includes:

  • What is NLP? 10 Posts on basic principles
  • Questions. Short answers to common questions
  • Plan. Basic ideas to help you plan your life and success.
  • NLP Coaching. NLP adds significant value to coaching, what’s important.
  • Planning Techniques. If we want to be successful, we need a plan. Ten posts that will help you develop a successful plan.
  • Top 10 NLP techniques. Key change techniques. The most useful approaches that haven’t been included in the coaching section.
  • NLP in Business, leadership, career, sales, going solo – starting a business.
  • Books. Our recommended NLP, coaching, sales and seduction books.
  • Business gives access to business essentials including leadership, management, careers, sales, and going solo. These are recommended for anyone wanting to use NLP in a business context.
  • NLP Training. Links to our unique training programmes.

Our give a series of articles and posts on the uses and applications of NLP.

Not only can you help develop this free resource site, you can also ask our growing community of NLP experts (and interested parties) any questions relating to NLP and its use.

About Us

NLP Techniques is run by Michael Beale, Director Business NLP Ltd.

Michael is a Richard Bandler trainer, coach trainer and  a Marshal Goldsmith certified leadership and team coach. He has 30 years of business experience and 15 years’ experience running his training and coaching practice. He embraces the business ideas of Marshall Goldsmith and Ray Dalio.

He also runs coaching masterclasses at The Henley Business School.

Business NLP Ltd is based at 120 Porthcawl Green, Milton Keynes MK4 3AL, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

NLP Training. How to learn NLP?

NLP Training
Training. Techniques of NLP.

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