AI and Coaching | Research Project

Artificial intelligence is a significantly enabler for both marketing and delivering coaching services. Michael Beale and Grace Kew will develop this AI and coaching research project to explore the possible impact AI will have on coaching with prominent HR Directors,  Headings Introduction Artificial intelligence will be a significant enabler for coaching. Michael Beale and Grace … Read more

C-Suite Group Mentoring Accelerator

Unique, exclusive 12 Month C- Suite Group Mentoring and Coaching Programme. Invitation only with a maximum of 9 participants. The programme is led by Michael Beale, Marshall Goldsmith leadership and team coach, and Richard Bandler, NLP trainer and coach trainer. Introduction As we move into 2023 and onwards, high-performance individuals who genuinely work well together … Read more

NLP Professional Presentation Checklist: Accomplished Presentations in Coaching, Sales, Leadership and More.

people around table listening to presentatin

Why are Presentations Important? How can you Prepare a Professional Presentation? A truly professional presentation is a key way to communicate your expertise and skills to others. Start small, but as you improve your presenting skills you can invite your key stakeholders and supporters to widen your influence. Not everyone finds professional presentations easy though, … Read more

How NLP and Stakeholder Centred Coaching® Can Work Together

NLP and Stakeholder Centred Coaching® In this article I explore NLP and Stakeholder Centred Coaching® and examine how coaches using the Stakeholder method can benefit from NLP, and vice versa. I also address the question of whether these approaches work for everyone. NLP and Stakeholder Centred Coaching® Michael’s background Fifteen years ago, at the start … Read more

NLP Leadership. What Makes a Really Great Leader?

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NLP Leadership What makes a really great leader? In our view the most important criterion is that they genuinely care about the success of all their key stakeholders. Obviously, they also have an interest in their own success and ambitions – they have to get something out of the endeavour for themselves – but they … Read more

NLP, Health and Resilience

NLP, Health and Resilience. 10 Absolutely Essential Tips How can we build health and resilience? Whatever we want to achieve in life is influenced by how healthy and resilient we are. The more health we have, the more energy and more flexible we are, the more resilient we are. The more resilient we are, the … Read more

Starting a Profitable NLP Coaching Business | Marketing Checklist

How To Set Up A Successful NLP Coaching Business. Become The No 1 Coach In Your Niche! Many of my clients go on to run successful, profitable NLP coaching businesses. The journey is often longer and harder than they originally anticipate, however if they’re prepared to put in the work, they are almost always delighted … Read more

NLP and Decision Making

NLP and Decision making – How to make excellent decisions. Decision-making is a crucial life skill. Training ourselves to make significant decisions will help us to achieve whatever success and fulfilment we want in our lives. Good decision-making relies on 1) good information gathering, 2) being in a good emotional state, and 3) having a … Read more

Feedforward | Actively and Continually Seeking Ideas To Improve

NLP and Feedforward  Follow my blog with Bloglovin Feedforward is an approach developed and made famous by top leadership coach, Marshall Goldsmith. It’s a really useful addition to NLP modelling approaches. The basic idea is that while it is worth asking for feedback (how well have we done in the past), it can be significantly … Read more