C-Suite Group Mentoring Accelerator

Unique, exclusive 12 Month C- Suite Group Mentoring and Coaching Programme. Invitation only with a maximum of 9 participants. The programme is led by Michael Beale, Marshall Goldsmith leadership and team coach, and Richard Bandler, NLP trainer and coach trainer.

C-Suite Group Mentoring Accelarator
C-Suite Group Mentoring Accelerator


As we move into 2023 and onwards, high-performance individuals who genuinely work well together with each other and new technologies will easily beat many traditional companies. This unique mastermind programme will enable you to develop your skills and improve your results simultaneously. The results achieved will equally apply to your business and personal life.

We all need a mastermind group; our job is to give you access to a mastermind group while helping you develop the skills to create and grow your own.


Delegates must be ambitious for their own success and the group’s success and be prepared to demonstrate a degree of courage, discipline and honesty throughout the programme. Prospective delegates will be asked to complete a brief pro-forma about themselves and what they want to achieve from the programme. 

Attendees will be expected to contribute throughout the programme.


Each programme will have a specific theme based on the particular needs of the delegates.

Typical themes include leadership, business development, entrepreneurship, high-performance teams (face-to-face, virtual and hybrid) and managing complex projects (with or without direct authority),

Selection Process

Book a ‘no charge’ 30-minute video call with MIchael.

For a limited time, for the right potential delegates, we’re offering a 6-month version of this programme at a 50% discount of £150 a month (total £900), to find out more and ensure you get a place on the ‘waitlist’ book a call with Michael, using the link below.

Book your video call: https://www.timetrade.com/book/HPBLR

Then complete this pro-forma: https://forms.gle/jAkQuNubKwfXw2Mv7


Except for the introductory sessions, the format will be based on 60-minute and 90-minute Zoom calls.

Introductory sessions (one month)

2 x 3-hour Zoom calls to give participants the basic skills to complete the programme

Mastermind practice sessions (two months)

2 x 90-minute video calls per month

The programme proper (Further nine months)

2 x 90-minute video calls per month, a session with Michael, additional modules and participants’ networking and feedforward sessions.

(We can run face-to-face programmes on request.)

Programme elements

Ground rules

Key success models

Where AI fits

The keys to living an ‘earned/fulfilled life.’

What gets in the way of an ‘earned/fulfilled’ life

The importance of a mentoring/reference group

The building blocks of discipline and managing time, energy, and focus

Business and life review process

Knowing and adding value to your stakeholders


Daily questions and after-action reviews

What next process (when to stick and when to fold)

Maintaining and building on what you’ve learnt

Want to know more?

Book a ‘no charge’ session in Michael’s diary

This Pro-forma may help you think about what you want to achieve from the programme: https://forms.gle/jAkQuNubKwfXw2Mv7

Key programme elements in more detail

We’ve included some of the very key elements; these will be developed for each programme

Ground rules

Each participant is expected to attend critical sessions, be ambitious for themselves and the other members, and help other team members achieve their stated outcomes and ambitions. They must be prepared to articulate their key priorities and blockers.

Key success models and principles

Each group will agree on the success principles they are being prepared to work with. These will typically include 1) direction and purpose, 2) use of time energy and focus on a day-to-day basis, and 3) some feedback and feedforward process. We’ve found that exploring principles, states, beliefs, and values can be helpful; we also recommend members invest in developing their community and networks.

Where AI fits

We’re finding that AI is helping our research, marketing and feed-forward activities. In addition to https://openai.com/, https://bard.google.com/ Marshall will soon release a trial version of Marshall Bot for coaching. We encourage delegates to find and share success stories of pragmatic ways of improving their results using AI.

If you’re curious about The economic potential of generative AI, you may be interested in this Mckinsey article.

The keys to living an ‘earned/fulfilled life.’

These are ideas from Marshall Goldsmith

What leads to a fulfilled life: Purpose, meaning, achievement, relationship, engagement and happiness.

What might stop us? Inertia, we’re stuck in a programme that has ‘locked us in,’ obligation to others, lack of imagination, winded by the speed of change, distracted (eg by social media), run out of runway/time.

What practical action can we take: Need a reference group (the right community), use feed-forward, know who are stakeholders are, and serve and learn from them, weekly business plan review (BPR) or life plan review (LPR), help and be helped by the community.

Feed-forward, daily questions, KPIs, journalling, better questions to others, re-connecting to our sensory experience

These all help reconnect to where we are now, and can give us ideas to move forward.

Feed-forward, as above feed-forward is a vital part of our process. Feed-forward is being clear about what we want to achieve and asking colleagues the top decisive actions they would take if they were in our situation. When we’ve collected several ideas, we’ll talk them through with a mentor or colleague to ensure we choose the best actions to move us forward – Avoiding our natural biases, (we are still responsible for our final decision.)

When done correctly, feed-forward helps us build relationships and gets valuable information to help us succeed. The process allows us to differentiate between information gathering and decision-making – two distinct functions that many people confuse.

What next process

Sometimes it takes work to know when to invest, twist or fold. With the right processes, the right group can help with these difficult decisions. Prioritisation on how we use our time, energy and focus is critical, the right community can help. (The final decision is still ours.)

Maintaining and building on what you’ve learned.

We help you build on the learning and habits you’ve developed throughout the programme, whether you continue with us or with others.

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