How NLP and Stakeholder Centred Coaching® Can Work Together

NLP and Stakeholder Centred Coaching® In this article I explore NLP and Stakeholder Centred Coaching® and examine how coaches using the Stakeholder method can benefit from NLP, and vice versa. I also address the question of whether these approaches work for everyone. NLP and Stakeholder Centred Coaching® Michael’s background Fifteen years ago, at the start … Read more

NLP, Success and Fulfilment

NLP, Success and Fulfilment. How we can use NLP to help us move towards success and fulfilment What success and fulfilment mean are unique for each of us, but we can all use NLP to help us on our personal journey. NLP approaches are particularly useful as they have been modelled from others who have … Read more

NLP and Decision Making

NLP and Decision making – How to make really good decisions. Decision making is a key life skill. Training ourselves to make great decisions will help us to achieve whatever success and fulfilment we want in our lives. Good decision making relies on 1) good information gathering, 2) being in a good emotional state and … Read more

4 Influence and Influencing Techniques

Influence and Influencing At times we need to influence effectively and convincingly. Within NLP there are many approaches to improve our influencing skills. This post outlines how NLP can help amplify four traditional approaches to influence: Persuading Asserting Attracting Bridging We also look at which approaches match which personality types. The more we practice these … Read more