Welcome. We’re developing a forum on www.nlp-techniques.org

It’s right at its beginning, so to start with, we’re just asking you for ideas on how to develop both the forum and the site.  To this end, there are 4 sub-fora:

1. Introduction

Welcome to the site, a few house rules, and a place to introduce yourself.

2. Improvements to the site

What ways would you like to see this site developed? We’re interested in all suggestions.

3. More NLP Techniques

Which techniques do you think we have missed? Which ones do you think need more explanation? Tell us!

4. NLP and business questions

Would you welcome some outside ideas on an NLP or business problem you’re facing? Ask here.

It’s a joint effort

This forum will be as successful as we all make it. So, please  register and add some detail to your profile, then get posting.  You can access the forum here or click on the button below.

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Ideas for the forum?

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