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    Welcome to the NLP Techniques Forum.  Please take a moment to say hello and tell us a little about yourself.

    We are starting with 4 main topics (this is almost certainly going to change as the forum expands):


    Say who you are, what your interest and/or experience of NLP is, and anything else you’d like to share.  This is the only area we allow you to promote your own business – everything else is going to be ad-free.

    How can we make this site better?

    This is a very young site at the moment, we’re happy to hear any suggestions you have for making it work smoothly and be really useful to other entrepreneurs and business people.

    NLP Techniques you’d like included on the site, or explained in more detail.

    Anything we have missed that you think should be here? Anything that we do mention, but you’d like more on?  Tell us about it here.

    Your NLP and business questions.

    Exactly that. If you are struggling with an NLP technique, or would welcome some outside advice regarding a business issue, ask here.  We’re all here to learn from each other.


    A very few, very simple, rules

    Please remember to follow good Netiquette – treat everyone with courtesy, and their information in confidence. Please do not use the forum to promote your own business. Any posts that go against these simple rules will be deleted. Any poster who persistently breaks the forum rules will be removed from the membership.

    We have a zero tolerance for spam and bots. If you post anything spammy, your membership will be suspended. If we suspect you of being a bot, or a fake profile, you’ll be deleted. So – make sure you fill out your profile details and include a photo.


    Thank you!

    Joanna (site admin).




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