Hypnosis MP3s

Hypnosis MP3’s

Want to develop you hypnosis and influence skills? Listen to our free NLP hypnosis MP3’s. For more about hypnosis please see our new version of ‘The Useful Guide to Hypnosis’ – Coming soon, watch this space!

Free Hypnosis MP3's

Free Hypnosis MP3’s

For more about hypnosis please see our new version of ‘The Useful Guide to Hypnosis – Coming soon,

Podcast 1 | Elman Relaxation

This is an example of an Elman induction. Elman was a hypnotist who worked worked next to a dentist (this was before the time of modern anaesthetics), and the dentist’s patients used to visit Elman before an extraction. He developed an authoritative and fast approach to helping clients access deep states.  This is an example of one of his inductions.

When you listen to it, simply follow the instructions as is, whatever you may or may not be thinking


Podcast 2 | Embedded Commands

Commands and embedded commands are two of the key building block of hypnosis. Always start with a command, and then, only if you need to, develop then into an embedded command. Commands are direct authoritative phrases or sentences said clear and unambiguous way. Embedded commands attract our clients conscious thinking, so they don’t react negatively to the command. The command part of an embedded command still needs to spoken as a command.


Podcast 3 | Process Language

Another building block of hypnosis. Process language can unlock the creative processes in our clients. We develop a direction and process that is really useful to our client, and strip out all the content. If already in a mild or deeper hypnotic state the client will add the content that works for them and develop our words into an experience that significantly helps them


Podcast 4 | Post Hypnotic Suggestions

And yet another key building block of hypnosis. Post hypnotic suggestions have a similar structure to future pacing. Its where we anchor a state and behaviour and/or series of behaviours to a particular time and place in the future. When done well, the client will automatically carry out the  state and/or  behaviour or series of behaviours at that time and place in the future – Sound magical and is.


Podcast 5 | Visual Timeline

An example of a visual timeline exercise. A simple way of helping your clients plan and rehearse achieving either small or really big goals. Surprisingly effective


Podcast 6 | Installing a Control Panel

What would it be like if you had a control panel in your mind that meant you had much more influence on how you felt? You had a button that you could press (in your mind) that would mean that you stopped procrastinating and easily and enthusiastically took action. You had a wheel that you could turn to reduce anxiety, or turn the other way your increase pleasure. Listen to explore how to install such a control panel


Podcast 7 | Self Hypnosis

Practical ideas to help you become a great hypnotist, together with an induction and session to listen to which will help you significantly develop your hypnotic skills.


Podcasts 8 & 9 | Bonus Hypnosis MP3’s

Ross Jeffrey’s on Seduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMFdqxLz4Ys&list=PLN3HwfZnyanq0ha3ExMnaXFT-p2wlAPdt&index=5

Doug O’Brien on Sleigh of Mouth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxRzGKKlk5c&list=PLN3HwfZnyanq0ha3ExMnaXFT-p2wlAPdt&index=3

For more about hypnosis please see our new version of ‘The Useful Guide to Hypnosis’ – Coming soon, watch this space!

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