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Free NLP course pdf books. These NLP pdf download guides will introduce you to some of the benefits and advantages of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP can teach you ways to move forward in your career and personal life and consistently enjoy success. It can also help you identify what may be holding you back and give you strategies to overcome any personal barriers.

You will find helpful information and links to great NLP resources in these guides and throughout this site.  If you want to know more, get in touch via any of the methods at the end of this page. Remember, we offer three completely free, no-obligation sessions for professional and business people to help you work out how NLP can be helpful to you.

Questions about Free NLP Training

How can I learn NLP for free – Read resources, such as this site, together with recommended NLP books, involve your friends and colleagues, do the exercises and journal your results. Reflect on what you’ve learnt.

Can you learn NLP by yourself? – Yes, however, it requires a lot of honesty and discipline. We all have cognitive biases, and working (and playing?) with different people and people who are different to us, gives us exposure to different mental maps and worldviews.

How much does it cost to learn NLP? – From free to a lot more! We charge £2100 (over 6 months) for our NLP practitioner programme, and you are expected to demonstrate a certain amount of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty.

How do I become a certified practitioner? – We offer specialist 1:1 NLP practitioner programmes, and a number of suppliers offer open programmes.

NLP Training paid courses

We also the very top quality 1:1 certified NLP training worldwide, certified by NLP co-founder Richard Bandler and the SNLP. We offer a free 30 minute phone, video call for those interested, and for suitable candidates we offer an additional three free discovery sessions, so you can determine if we’re right for you.

Neuro-linguistic programming online free course

The following 4 NLP training PDFs make up this course. (Please note they are currently in draft format and will change.)

They are helpful in giving you an idea about the content of NLP and as a reminder of the critical points if you’ve already been on a programme. Our experience is that they are a beneficial part of your development – however, at some stage, you’ll still need a certain amount of training and/or coaching.

NLP Training Guide PDF 1 – Easy Start.

NLP Training Techniques pdf 1 – Easy start
NLP Training Techniques pdf 1 – Easy start

1) help us achieve whatever end we want, and

2) to enjoy the actual journey.

This guide will help you start your adventure.

NLP Training Guide PDF 2 – Plan Your Adventure.

NLP Training Techniques pdf 2 - Plan Your Adventure
NLP Training Techniques pdf 2 – Plan Your Adventure

We’re significantly more effective in achieving anything worthwhile if we have a plan and framework. We need to align our purpose, vision, plan, and actions and review how we’re doing.

This guide explores several tools we’ve found that can significantly improve progress.

NLP Training Guide PDF 3 – NLP Coaching.

NLP Training Techniques pdf 3 - NLP Coaching
NLP Training Techniques pdf 3 – NLP Coaching

Whether we’re coaching ourselves or coaching others, a coaching model will improve what we do. Our coaching model is a much more effective version of the GROW Coaching Model. As well as helping us achieve our own visions, the NLP Coaching Model in this guide also enhances the impact of all the NLP techniques and approaches we use.

NLP Training Guide PDF 4 – NLP Techniques.

(TBA – Currently under construction – This advanced NLP techniques pdf will be available soon)

NLP Training Techniques pdf 4 - NLP Techniques
NLP Training Techniques pdf 4 – NLP Techniques

This guide features 16 of the most popular NLP techniques that improve our ability to influence ourselves and others, including:

  • the fast phobia cure,
  • hypnosis,
  • modelling,
  • perceptual positions,
  • timeline, storytelling.

This 4th guide builds on NLP PDFs 1-3.  Combining the approaches in all the guides is the most effective way to use them.