A conceptual agreement is the personal agreement between the coach and client, where they both agree what they want to achieve what they need from the other to achieve it.

This paves the way for a contract, which is normally legally binding.

The conceptual agreement focuses on what is needed to make the relationship work. The contract is a safeguard when it doesn’t.

Conceptual Agreement

Discovery sessions. The coach and client agree to a number to discovery sessions to:

  • Clarify what the client wants to achieve
  • Educate the client to get the most value from coaching
  • Clarify which interventions the coach will use and what they involve. (The coach may supplement their coaching with a mix of mentoring, executive education, consulting and counselling depending on their skill set)
  • Confirm that they both genuinely want to work together
  • Establish a way of working together

The client agrees:

  • To demonstrate a degree of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty throughout the programme
  • To implement agreed actions within reasonable timescales
  • To invest sufficient time and emotional effort in the project

The coach agrees:

  • To totally commit to¬† helping the client achieve their goals
  • Be accessible, and return calls and emails within agreed timescales.
  • To keep confidentiality as agreed

The Contract

The contract confirms:

  • When the contract starts
  • Duration and frequency of meetings
  • Payment terms and conditions
  • Duration of contract
  • How to terminate the agreement

Coaching Contract & Conceptual Agreement






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