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End Frame

What we say at the end of any interaction can have more impact on the result than anything we say or ask earlier. The end is possibly more important than the beginning. Remember – the state in which we leave our client may be as or more important that any logical discussion or agreement – A little bit of preparation can help us amplify the positive aspects of the session.

It’s surprisingly easy to undo what we’ve done through careless actions.

How to end a session positively

I’ve been in many situations where the a salesperson, coach, or consultant has totally disrupted the impact of an intervention by saying the wrong things at the end. Curiously, this happens when the instigator focuses on themselves rather than the client. Or they lose focus as they think the interaction is over.

Here are three examples of what you might say at the end of an interaction. They all fit different contexts.

  • Giving a brief summary of what’s been discussed and agreed upon. Ask them to give a number between 0-10 (0=low, 10=very high) whether they are likely to complete any agreed action. Useful standard end frame when discussing and exploring incremental progress.
  • Asking the client what they’re feeling, thinking thinking and anything else they are aware of as we come to the end of the meeting. This is very powerful. If you think you’ve agreed some action and it’s not uppermost in their mind at that moment, they are not very likely to complete it. If gives us the opportunity to go back and check on the work we’ve done. The response we’re looking for is that they know what to do, know how to do it, and are motivated to do it.
  • Using a mild hypnotic suggestion for them to continue processing what been discussed. This is essential when major change has been explored and the client needs time to process what’s occurred and come to their own, best conclusion. An example might be:

“We explored many new ideas today, and you started to process them in order to come up with the very best answer. Over the next few days you might be surprised and delighted how that processing continues and the best answer suddenly becomes clear.”

In this video, Michael explains why a careful end frame is so important.

NLP Coaching | End Frame

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NLP Coaching End Frame
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