NLP Coaching | CEO and Executive Coaching Follow Up

CEO and Executive Coaching Follow Up

This is based on Marshall Goldsmith’s ‘6 question coaching technique’. This is designed for CEO’s but can be adapted for all us to speak to our stakeholders.

  1. Every quarter check in with our key reports (or stakeholders), and ask:
  2. Where are we going? This is where I think we’re going, where do you think we’re going?
  3. Where are you going? This where I think you’re going. Where do you think you’re going?
  4. What are you doing well? This is what I think you’re doing well. What do you think you’re doing well?
  5. Suggestions for improvement? This what I think you might want to develop in the future. What do you think you could develop in the future?
  6. How can I help you? This is how I can help you How do you think I can help you?
  7. How can I get better? This is how I think I can get better. How you think I can better.