NLP Coaching Model

  1. Beginning Frame. How we set the scene for any interaction.
  2. State. Our mental/physical condition in that moment.
  3. Outcome. What our client wants to achieve.
  4. Rapport. The quality of communication between us and our client.
  5. Current Situation. What our client is already doing to achieve their outcome and/or to stop them achieving it.
  6. Technique or task. Actions to achieve an outcome.
  7. Future pace. Mentally rehearsing actions to achieve an outcome.
  8. End Frame. What we say at the end of an interaction to support our client in achieving their outcome.
  9. Review. Continually improving what we do.

Items 3, 5, 6 and 7 are similar to GROW

Items 1, 2, 4 and 8 increase the effectiveness of the model

In this video, Michael talks through our NLP coaching model.

We’ll go into the ¬†points above in more depth in the following sections, starting with the beginning frame in the next session.

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NLP Coaching Section Index

1: NLP Coaching
2: Success system and model
3: NLP coaching model (This page)
4: Beginning frame
5: States and anchors
6: End goals and direction
7: Coaching Rapport
8: Where are you
9: Getting to there
10: Mental rehearsal
11: End frame
12: NLP Coaching Summary

NLP Coaching Model

NLP Coaching Model