Section Summary – NLP Coaching

This video sums up the NLP coaching section.

● It’s very useful to have a framework for any coaching interaction.
● This is our suggested framework:

  • Beginning Frame
  • State
  • Outcome
  • Rapport
  • Current Situation
  • Technique or Task
  • Future Pace
  • End Frame.

● Adapt this in a way that works for you and your clients.

In the next section we look at the key NLP techniques we can use to amplify our results further.

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Full NLP Techniques List

NLP Coaching Section Index

1: NLP Coaching | Introduction
2: Success system and model
3: NLP coaching model
4: Beginning frame
5: States and anchors
6: End goals and direction
7: Rapport
8: Where are you
9: Getting to there
10: Mental rehearsal
11: End frame
12: NLP Coaching Summary (This page)

NLP Coaching Summary

NLP Coaching Summary