Watch this short video from Michael Beale in which he explains his own 8 element success system. It’s best to develop a system that is personal to you – what elements do you need to feel more successful and fulfilled? 

Michael’s 8 Element Success System

    1. Have a direction and a purpose. For most of us, a starting point for success and fulfillment includes financial freedom, good health, good relationships, and giving something back.
    1. Have reserves of energy so you can bounce back if you fall. Do more of the things that give resilience and health.
    1. Mindset – keep your mind positive and heading towards success and fulfullment.
    1. Have a strategy and a plan – as simple as possible: some milestones, focus areas, and hot spots.
    1. Find an effective way of investing the energy, time and focus you have available. They are not limitless, so use them well.
    1. Take action. A plan is meaningless if it stays in your head. Don’t avoid action because you are afraid of mistakes. Things will go wrong,  but that’s a way to learn and improve the plan.
    1. Welcome feedback – what do you learn? How does feedback alter your beliefs and your plan? Regularly check in with your measures and stakeholders.
  1. Review what you’ve done so far, where you are going, what you have learned.

The success model can be reviewed as you progress.  Test it by seeing if you feel happy and are getting the results that you expect.  If you are not – that’s ok, the success system just needs developing as you work out what works.

Next we look at our NLP Coaching Model.

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NLP Coaching Section Index

1: NLP Coaching
2: Success system and model (This page)
3: NLP coaching model
4: Beginning frame
5: States and anchors
6: End goals and direction
7: Rapport
8: Where are you
9: Getting to there
10: Mental rehearsal
11: End frame
12: Summary

Success System and Model

NLP Coaching | Success System and Model