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New NLP Course – Developing Your Success System

While goals have a use, success in life is more about developing a success system, rather than just focusing on goals. This course teaches you how to establish your own success system, and is extremely useful for whatever challenge or opportunity you are facing, or for whatever learning you choose to do next.

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Our online NLP courses are a great, low cost way either to start your NLP training or to revise, clarify, and develop your existing experience.

The course formats are a number of short videos (generally less than 10 minutes each) and transcripts, followed by an exercise or task. We encourage you to share your answers with other participants on the discussion board for each question. You can read your fellow participants’ answers, and the mutual support can be very powerful.

All the discussion boards are confidential and are monitored and facilitated, so they are a safe place to share, explore and test new ideas.

Kolb’s 4- Step Learning Cycle

It’s worth remembering Kolb’s 4-step learning cycle when you approach any online course:

  1. The experience (in this case watching the video and reading the transcript),
  2. reflecting on what you’ve learnt,
  3. conceptualising – considering any underlying principles and/or deciding how you could use the idea in some way, and
  4. testing what you’ve decided in a safe way.

You’ll get value from watching the videos, you’ll get a lot more value if you reflect after each video and transcript and then share your answers in the discussion.

Following this approach requires a certain amount of effort and discipline, however your results will be significantly better.

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Developing Your Success System

Usually $95 – for a limited time discounted to $55, saving $40 with discount code.

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Online NLP Courses Coming Soon

  • NLP and Coaching Essentials. Available July 2020
  • Sales and Influence for Professionals. Available August 2020
  • Setting Up Your Coaching Business – in conjunction with the Henley Business School. Available September 2020

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