NLP Practitioner Training

Our unique 1:1 NLP practitioner training enables you to both achieve your goals and at the same time develop a very high level of competence as an NLP practitioner. We specialise on working with business and professional people of any age group.

Programme Structure

  • Free discovery, what would make the programme really useful to you? (You only need to commit to the programme when you’ve completed this phase.)
  • NLP coaching, develop your NLP coaching skills
  • NLP and personal change, develop your NLP change skills
  • Integration, certification and suggested ongoing study

Programme Duration

The programme runs over 6 months based on one 1-hour session a week over 6 months. (Within reason), additional sessions may be booked at no additional charge to address real life opportunities and challenges, the programme includes additional reading and tasks to complete in your personal or business life.

Who’s the programme for?

Individuals  1) with a touch of ambition, courage, discipline and openness 2) who are prepared to invest a reasonable amount of time and emotional energy and 3) work well with Michael, will gain significantly from the programme. For the right individual there are tremendous benefit from the 1:1 format. The programme will be focused on what gives will give you the most benefit.


Successful participants will receive an SNLP NLP Practitioner certificate signed by Richard Bandler, NLP co-founder, John La Valle and Michael Beale,

Phase 1 Free Discovery

The purpose of the free discovery phase is to enable you to clarify what will make the programme really useful to you. As part of this phase we will explore 1) what will be useful to you 2) a leadership assessment 3) feedback and feedforward from your key stakeholders. You’ll then be able to determine 3-6 areas to focus on as part of the programme.

In addition you’ll be able to make your mind up as to how well we work together.

Phase 2 NLP Coaching

We’ll explore a very powerful NLP coaching model.  1) beginning frame 2) states 3) direction/outcomes/end goals 4) rapport 5) where you are now (including the meta model) 6) Moving forward 7) future pacing 8) end frame 9)

Phase 3 NLP and Personal Change

We’ll explore the key NLP approaches to personal change including 1) affirmations 2) amplifying and changing feelings 3) belief change 4) hypnosis and meditation 5) perceptual positions 6) phobia cure 7) mental rehearsal 8) meta programmes 9) modeling 10) six step reframing 11) storytelling 12) strategies 13) Swish and 14) timelines.

Phase 4 Integration, certification and suggested further study

The purpose of this phase is to help you integrate what you’ve learnt, demonstrate your competence and plan what you want to next.


As part of the programme you have the option of using a number of world class learning tools, these are in addition to the 1:1 training:

  • Leadership assessment
  • Stakeholder feedback and feedforward methodology
  • Access to our online training platform, discussion boards and forum


After the free discovery phase the investment, the investment is £300 each month for 6 months (total £1800),  you can cancel at any time, if you don’t feel you’re getting exceptional value from the programme. If you take the programme with a partner or colleague, one delegate will receive a 50% discount.

Find out more?

Find out more. Book a  free 30 minute phone/Skype session in Michael’s Online Diary.

If you’re booking a session from outside the UK you must have a good internet connection, state the reason for the call, include your country name and full international dialling code.

Book Now
6 Month 1:1 Certified NLP Practitioner

  • FREE discovery sessions. Prove the value to yourself. Cancel at any time.
  • Become a certified NLP Practitioner. Certified by Richard Bandler and SNLP, subject to successful completion.
  • Access to our coaching portal. Access to our private NLP discussion forum.
  • Time commitment: 1 hour a week + additional sessions as required + practical assignments + reading.

About Michael

Michael is a Richard Bandler NLP trainer, NLP coach trainer and Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder coach, with 30 years of business experience and 15 years’ experience running his NLP coaching practice.

He embraces the business ideas of Marshall Goldsmith and Ray Dalio.  He also runs coaching masterclasses at The Henley Business School. You can find out more about Michael here.

See Michael’s testimonials.

NLP Practitioner Training

NLP Practitioner Training


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