NLP, Success and Fulfilment

NLP, Success and Fulfilment. How we can use NLP to help us move towards success and fulfilment

What success and fulfilment mean are unique for each of us, but we can all use NLP to help us on our personal journey. NLP approaches are particularly useful as they have been modelled from others who have already navigated their own journeys, and NLP modelling helps us come up with new approaches.

This post suggests building our own success system to help us achieve whatever we might want. As a starting point, here are some of the areas we might like to include:

1) Direction and purpose
2) Accessing useful states
3) Developing helpful beliefs and stories
4) Developing great relationships
5) Developing financial freedom and a professional/business network
6) Building our health and resilience
7) Develop our own success system, success models and useful habits.

NLP, Success and Fulfilment
NLP, Success and Fulfilment

1) Direction and purpose

Clarifying our direction and purpose makes everything else easier and more fun. In many ways it’s the start of taking responsibility for our lives, and what we want to achieve. It’s not always easy, but it becomes exceptionally liberating when we’ve connected with what’s important to us.

Clarifying our direction and purpose normally works best when we work for what we want, and also for something bigger than we are.

2) Accessing useful states

I’ve found anyone who is able to access the states of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty, at least some of the time, does really well  from my programmes (and life in general). There are a whole range of states that will help us have more fulfilled and successful lives. They help us connect to many of the resources we already have, and change how we come over to others. Exploring them is a short cut to the benefits of emotional intelligence and related disciplines.

3) Developing helpful beliefs and stories 

What we believe about ourselves, the people we work with, and our environment, makes a difference to both how we behave and how we come across to others. What we believe also makes a significant difference to the results we achieve in both the short, medium, and long terms. Similarly, the stories we tell ourselves about our experiences, ourselves, the people we work with, and about our environment, will have an impact on how we feel and the results we get. The more we can create beliefs and stories that are useful to us, the better results we’ll get.

Some potentially useful beliefs that are worth exploring include:

  • I choose success
  • I will be successful
  • I can always find a solution
  • There is always a useful learning from bad experiences
  • We are all children of the universe
  • We all have something to contribute.

4) Developing great relationships

The people we interact with on an ongoing basis can help us make the best of our lives, just as we can help them make the best of theirs.  Investing in our relationships is one of the best investments we can make.

5) Building Financial freedom and a professional/business network

Financial freedom means that we have enough money for our basic needs, can survive the inevitable downturns and are not worried about money.  This means we can devote our full energy  and attention to whatever we choose. A professional network  keep our financial position significantly more resilient.

6) Building our health and resilience

Investing in our physical, mental and emotional health is one of the best long term investments we can make. This might include regular exercise, stretching, good sleep habits, healthy eating and occasional fasting, and developing healthy ways of dissipating excess stress, like hobbies and meditation.

7) Develop our own success system, success models and useful habits

We recommend DUFF as a success system (Direction, Use of time energy and attention, and Feedback and Feed-forward systems so that we know where are, and continually seek ideas of how we can improve.)

Developing a series of useful habits over time, mean the habits take much the strain, and the we can devote our time and energy to whatever we choose.

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