Managing and developing our network

Michael talks about NLP and networking in this video.

Developing our network is, in many ways, an extension of managing our manager and stakeholders, and it’s likely to include current and past managers.

The approach is the same, however we have to protect our time and develop appropriate systems to help us.  Having a strategy to identify the key people to connect with, and how to do it is vital, while networking platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook have become essential.

It’s worth investing time in finding out how successful people do this and then using their techniques to develop and implement our own plan. Again, pay attention to modelling in NLP Techniques.

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Networking is both about exploring how we can help others and being able to articulate how they can help us.


The next section explores Getting Better at What We Do.


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NLP Career | Developing our Network

NLP Career | Developing our Network