Going Solo – Running a business

While I was running open courses, there was a period within eighteen months of which 80% of my delegates left their current job to start a business.

I considered that they were the lucky ones. They had the time to investigate and plan what they wanted to do, and develop the skills and resources they needed over a reasonable time-frame.

I came to the conclusion that developing a plan to start your own business is a worthwhile activity whether you choose to start one or not. Many of the skills and approaches needed will help you in your career in a large company, and give you the option of starting a business in the future, whenever the time is right.

But let’s be clear : The majority of new businesses fail within five years.

And why?

Because those at the helm shy away from confronting the fundamental questions that this section focuses on – and the factors that the success and failure of a business hinge upon.


In the next section we look at ‘starting with the end in mind‘.


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