What is your Customer Proposition?

In this video, Michael explans your customer proposition.

It’s important to be clear to yourself, and to others, what your business offers, who for, how, and why.  These questions can be hard to answer, because the ideal responses align with each other. Changing one often changes the rest. However, all your marketing efforts become more effective when you can answer them.  So it’s worth persevering.

A short description (or label)

  • Describe what you do in 5-7 words.

Your customers

  • Who, specifically, are your customers?
    • Describe your ideal customer. In many businesses, describing and targeting your ideal customers is the single biggest indicator of long term success. (We explore this further, later.)

Route to market

  • How do you reach potential clients?
    • If you can’t reach prospective clients, then you haven’t got a business.

What Benefits/Value do you offer?

  • How do your clients benefit from your services?

What Competitive Advantage do you have over your competitors?

  • What’s special about you, compared to your competitors?
  • What can you guarantee that your competition can’t?

Longer description

  • What’s a longer description of what you offer?
    • Referencing your customers, the benefit they are likely to get, and how you’re better than your competitors.

You’ve now completed your proposition. However, it’s never finished, so please treat it as work in progress.


In the next section you’re asked to be more specific about Your Brand.


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NLP Going Solo | Customer Proposition

NLP Going Solo | Customer Proposition