How do you reach your customers

There are five ways to reach our customers. They each require a level of expertise, skill and discipline.

The art of being successful is often in choosing the one that you’re already good at and investing in it on an ongoing basis. Because of the time investment it’s unusual for businesses to be good at more than one of them.

This is a list to help you start. I appreciate it’s a short section to a key topic.


You select your target customers and contact them directly. This includes phone calling and email marketing. The majority of traditional sales is in this category.

There is an important distinction between those who can make a buying decision on their own, and those who represent large companies. Smaller companies have access to their own budget, and they don’t have to convince others have to sign off the investment.

Selling to large companies may involve selling to customers that have to convince others. This can lead to a large reward, and may involve a long and uncertain sales cycle.


You make it easy for potential customers to follow you and contact you when they’re ready. The most effective way of doing this is through the web and social media like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. The key skill is being able to produce or share quality content in the context

Relationship Building

Meaning that we work with a small number of potential customers and influencers, get to know their specific drivers, so when they have a requirement they come to us. Again, this may require a large investment of time and effort before we achieve the result we want.

Agency / Commission

This where you outsource getting clients and pay a fee or commission.


Luck may seem a strange driver for winning business, however luck can be an amplifier for all our business development activities. According to professor Richard Wiseman the following principles appear to increase how lucky we are:

  1. We create, notice and act on opportunities
  2. We listen to our hunches
  3. We expect good fortune
  4. We are able to learn from bad luck and turn it into good luck

A lot of luck is about attitude and observation. Many of the approaches in this guide will help you improve your luck.


The next video segment is on cash flow. It’s key for any new business.


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NLP Going Solo | Reaching your Customers

NLP Going Solo | Reaching your Customers