Start With The End In Mind

The best time to start thinking about how we want to end our business is when we start it. Will we want to:

  1. Grow and expand? Different sizes of companies need very different management approaches. If we want it to grow significantly how will it do so?
  2. Be able to scale it down? Reduce our work hours as we get older?
  3. Sell it? And if so, is that with an eye for using the money to retire or set up another business?
  4. Take our business public? So we can monetise our investment and or get the funds to expand it?
  5. Run a ‘lifestyle’ business? A business that lets us lead the life we want.


  1. Vision. What will the business do for its clients?
  2. Purpose. What do you want to get out of the business? What will it do for you?

Whatever we choose, the earlier we plan for it the better and as with all plans, we can always change it if our requirements change.

We’re then ready to answer ‘The Balanced Scorecard’ questions. We explore these in the next section.

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NLP Going Solo 1: Start with the end in mind
NLP Going Solo 2: Balanced Scorecard
NLP Going Solo 3: Customer Proposition
NLP Going Solo 4: Your Brand
NLP Going Solo 5: Choosing Customers
NLP Going Solo 6: Reaching Customers
NLP Going Solo 7: Cash Flow
NLP Going Solo 8: Summary

NLP Going Solo | Start with the end in mind

NLP Going Solo | Start with the end in mind