Rules for Action, (& Execution and Results)

1 Outcomes over activities. Be clear that we know the results we want to achieve. There are no results without action, and without results our organisation dies.

2 We have a limited amount of time. We need to ensure we use our most productive time for our high-return activities.

3 Triage new items. Decide what to do with new items quickly. Do them now, add them to our list, allocate specific time to them, delegate them or chose to ignore them.

3 Allocate time boundaries, maximum and minimum timeslots to our activities, then decide what we can achieve in that time. Build in buffers, but do not exceed them.

4 Start each day fresh. What’s the most valuable thing we can do next ?

5 Finish every end-of-day. Close any open loops, write down what we need to do tomorrow

6 In the long term improving how we achieve our results is more important than the results themselves

7 Strengths over weakness. Where possible play to our strengths, only focus on our weaknesses when they are interfering with our results

8 Develop habits and routines.


In the next section we took at our ‘Rules for Review‘.


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