Rules of Leadership

1 Leadership is about creating useful change. It starts with creating a vision – The image of a destination. Remember we’re creating something that doesn’t exist yet.

2 You have to exude purpose. Be clear. Where are you heading and what do you need others to do?

3 You need to create and protect a culture and environment that supports achieving the vision. You need to show others how they are expected to act and sometimes you have to remove people that don’t fit the culture. You want the business to be healthy (in the widest sense) and create a healthy team and company.

4 We need to create a strategy, a plan, a number of steps that supports achieving your vision. You need to make the sometimes difficult choices of where to allocate and focus your own and others resources.

(The Balanced Scorecard which we cover in Section 5 helps us do this)

5 Enrol and engage the right people. They need the right tools and guidance.

It’s also worth remembering Patrick Lencioni’s guidance for a cohesive team :

  • a) trust
  • b) unfiltered conflict in regard to the best ideas
  • c) commitment to decisions and actions
  • d) holding each other accountable
  • e) focus on achieving collective results.

6 Remember the difference between authority and responsibility. We don’t need authority to lead. We do need to take responsibility.

7 Leadership is risky. Remember that at times we will fail. Maybe repeatedly. we are creating something new – treading a new path. Treat what you’re doing seriously, but not taking ourselves too seriously in the process. Beating yourself up doesn’t help anyone.

8 It’s personal, but it’s a about a lot more than just the leader.

In the next section we consider ‘The Rules of Management‘.


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