Key NLP Techniques

In this video, Michael introduces key NLP techniques to help you and your clients.


So. We know where the client wants, where they are, and we have the structure for how to get them started. It’s clear sailing from here, right?

Well, sometimes! In some cases the structure will be enough. But in others you might face complications, friction, and resistance. You might find yourself wrestling with your client’s use of language, beliefs, values . . .

. . . And equally, they may wrestle with yours.

Key NLP techniques make you more self-aware.

How can you deal with these potential clashes?  In either case,  the remedy is awareness of what may be going on under the surface of the interaction between you and your client. You have the structure. This section gives you things that you have to be conscious of as you navigate it – considerations for how you do it.  These key NLP techniques will help you become more aware of yourself, and thus a better practitioner.


In the next section we consider beliefs. Often, if you believe you can – you will. And if you believe you can’t – you won’t even try.


Key NLP Techniques Section Index

1: Introduction
2: Beliefs
3: Values
4: Perceptual positions
5: Senses and Sub-modalities
6: Strategies
7: Metaprogrammes, Profiles and Preferences
8: Time and timeline
9: Hypnosis and meditation
10: Storytelling
11: Modelling
12: Fast phobia cure
13. Progressive dissociation
14. Six step re-framing
15. Swish
16. Visual Squash
17. Summary


Key Neuro-Lingustic Programming Techniques

Key Neuro-Lingustic Programming Techniques