NLP Adventure Section Summary

Video that summarises the NLP Adventure section.

  • Treat NLP as an adventure, leading wherever you care to go.
  • An attitude that includes curiosity, ambition, courage, openness and discipline will help you on your journey.
  • Reviewing your progress with a coach or colleague will speed up your journey.

Remember that previous participants have achieved better results, received promotions, started businesses and discovered more success and fulfilment in their lives.

These ideas are simple but have been shown again and again to make a significant difference.

The next section explores Plan, Structure and Discipline. You’ll need them to achieve your most demanding goals.


NLP Adventure Section Index

NLP Adventure 1: The adventure starts
NLP Adventure 2: What is NLP
NLP Adventure 3: What does NLP offer?
NLP Adventure 4: Do I need a coach?
NLP Adventure 5: Get the most of this guide?
NLP Adventure 6: Exercise
NLP Adventure 7: Summary

NLP Adventure Section Summary

NLP Adventure Section Summary