Getting to There

This video introduces ways to explore how to help your client get to their goals.

NLP has many approaches to help in this situation, however I suggest a few simple approaches first.

  1. Ask the client to break the challenge into a number of milestones as in section 2.
  2. If they’re having a challenge starting, break the first milestone into smaller steps and repeat breaking them down to even smaller steps if necessary.
  3. Have the client ask others for help and advice.
  4. Check they know:
  • What to do.
  • Why they’re doing it
  • How to do it.

Then if they’re not doing it ask them some ‘meta model’ type questions around – What’s stopping them? The answer may become obvious.

If they’re still not taking action the next section may help (together with all the steps in sections 8 & 9)

Suggested Exercises

  • Take something you’ve found difficult to start. Break it down into steps so small that you no longer have an excuse not to start.
  • Write down a list of people who could help. Ask them what they would do or what they would do if they were you.


In the next section we look at Mental Rehearsal, an essential part of helping our client rehearse and take the best action.


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NLP Coaching 3: Beginning frame
NLP Coaching 4: States and anchors
NLP Coaching 5: End goals and direction
NLP Coaching 6: Rapport
NLP Coaching 7: Where are you
NLP Coaching 8: Getting to there
NLP Coaching 9: Mental rehearsal
NLP Coaching 10: End frame
NLP Coaching 11: Summary

NLP Coaching | Getting to There

NLP Coaching | Getting to There