Daily Review Questions

In this video, Michael explains how a daily review can be a powerful way to make progress.

Every day, make time in your routine to ask yourself the following questions. They are a key part of the process – they keep you on track, and make the journey manageable.

Basic Daily Questions

Today, did I do my best to: (score between 1-10):

  1. Find meaning and purpose?
  2. Build positive relationships (including with family)?
  3. Provide my clients with value?
  4. Be open and to encourage luck and randomness?
  5. Review the key three outcomes for the year, month, week and day?
    • Did I do my best to execute yesterday’s actions to achieve my outcomes?
  6. What are my three outcomes for tomorrow?
  7. Play, have fun and give my clients the opportunity to do so?
  8. Make the very best of whatever happened?


Daily Questions of Routine

Today, did I do my best to: (score between 1-10)

  1. Maintain healthy eating habits and to stay on track to achieve (target weight) by the end of (date)?
  2. Appreciate feeling slightly hungry
  3. Complete my 15 minute hard exercise routine 5 x a week?
  4. Complete my 10 minutes meditation daily 5 x a week?
  5. Complete my stretch workout 3 x a week?
  6. Complete my 5 people-that-I-appreciate exercise (what I see, hear, feel) daily?
  7. Complete my 5 experiences-that-I-appreciate exercise (what I see, hear, feel) daily?
  8. Ensure high quality sleep?


Daily Additional Questions

Today, did I do my best to choose:

  1. Success?
  2. Health (purpose, exercise, food, meditation, sleep)?
  3. To embrace the full catastrophe of life?


The next sections gives a Section Summary of the key points of this planning section.


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NLP Plan | Daily Questions

NLP Plan | Daily Questions