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Global and local 1:1 NLP training courses. NLP is a powerful tool that can help you achieve success in your personal and business life. Find out what NLP Training programs are available!

Here are the full details of our training and coaching programmes, together with our NLP resources and partners; as well as answers to frequently asked questions.

NLP Training Courses
NLP training courses index

If you have any additional questions, take advantage of a free 30 minute video/phone call with Michael. In addition, for anyone seriously interested in our training and coaching programmes, we offer 3 free discovery sessions, so you can check out the value we offer before committing.

Our programmes are designed for business and professional people of any age. We ask you to show a touch of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty. If you do, you will significantly improve your communication and influence skills, while improving your creativity, resilience, and ability to thrive in times of change.

In addition, you will boost your leadership, sales, coaching, project, and relationship competences, improve how you make challenging decisions, deal better with difficult conversations, and improve how you work with all your stakeholders.

All our monthly programmes come with free discovery sessions and you can cancel at any time.

NLP training courses index

On this page you will find all our fully certified 1:1 Practitioner trainings, skill builder courses, coaching programmes, online courses, and answers to frequently asked questions.

We also offer a wide range of free resources to support your learning and results. This site, NLP Techniques, has more than 85 videos on NLP and coaching related topics. We also link to our key partners.

NLP Practitioner training courses

NLP Training
Global 1:1 NLP Practitioner Training Courses

Most of our clients start with our 1:1 NLP practitioner course. All our Practitioner courses are fully certified by NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and the SNLP.

1:1 NLP Practitioner course. 1:1 Practitioner training certified by Richard Bandler and the SNLP. Investment £350 a month x 6 months = £2100.

1:1 NLP Master Practitioner course. 1:1 Master Practitioner course certified by Richard Bandler and the SNLP. The investment is £400 a month x 6 months = £2400.

1:1 NLP Business Practitioner. 1:1 Business Practitioner course certified by Richard Bandler and the SNLP. For existing NLP Practitioners, the investment is £400 a month x 6 months = £2400. Non-Practitioners and anyone new to NLP may need to complete an additional 3 month introduction programme. This is £400 a month x 3 months = £1200. Total cost for the introduction and the full training = £3600.

1:1 NLP Coach Practitioner course. 1:1 Coach Practitioner course certified by Richard Bandler and the SNLP. The investment £400 a month x 6 months = £2400,

NLP skill builder courses

NLP Courses
NLP training courses with SNLP attendance certificates

These courses are designed to increase your skills and real world results. Successful delegates will receive attendence certicates signed by MIchel Beale, John La Valle (President of the SNLP) and Richard Bandler (NLP co-founder). These are an ideal way to boost your practitioner skills.

1:1 Principles of NLP coaching. 1:1 Coaching course. Attendance certificate. The investment is £400 a month x 3 months = £1200.

1:1 Principles of NLP Hypnosis. 1:1 hypnosis course. Attendance certificate. The investment is £400 a month x 3 months = £1200.

Either of the above programmes can be the starting point for full SNLP practitioner certification by taking our 3 month practitioner conversion programme. Additional investment is £400 x 3 months = £1200.

1:1 NLP Coaching

1:1 NLP Coaching
1:1 NLP Coaching

Gold and platinum coaching to booost your skills, performance and results.

1:1 NLP Gold coaching for professional, managers and entrepreneurs. The investment is £300 a month x 3 months (minimum) = £900.

1:1 NLP and Stakekolder platinum leadership coaching for CEOs and C-Suite professional or aspirants. The investment is £600 a month x 6 months (minimum 6 months – however 12 months is recommended) = minimum £3600 (recommended £7200).

1:1 NLP and stakeholder platinum team coaching, for a team of 6. The investment is £1200 a month x 6 months (minimum 6 months – however 12 months is recommended) = minimum £7200 (recommended £14400). Additional delegates are charged at £250 a month.

NLP Training Online

NLP Training Online
Training Online

Unique online training to boost your skills and capabilities

NLP Eternal. Access to Richard Bandler’s full back catalogue of seminar and complimentary recordings, to stream at your convenience. The investment is $199 annual free. This resource is highly recommended.

Marketing Your Coaching Business. A collaboration between Michael and The Henley Business School. The investment is £118, members of the Henley Centre for Coaching are eligible for a discount.

Developing Your Success System This online course is particuarly useful before taking any other programme to align yourself with success. The investment $95, but use the code successsystemspecial to get a special $40 discount reducing the cost to $55.

NLP seduction workshop. Seduction workshop hosted by Joseph Myers and Johannie Llano. This workshop is free.

1:1 NLP sales training course. Sales training course including mindset, client proposition, sales process, sales skills and activity planning. (POA)

1:1 NLP health course. Health course which includes elements of exercise, sleep, good eating, together with the other elements to build and maintain good health. (POA)

NLP resources

NLP Resources
NLP training resources

Free resources to support your development

What is NLP? What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming? Why do some people love it? Why do some people hate it?

NLP Training Blog. Blogs and articles relevant for business and professional people.

Free NLP techniques. Details of the top NLP techniques and links to NLP techniques resources.

Free Business NLP articles. 50+ articles on best practice with leadership, sales, coaching, networking and more.

Michael’s YouTube channel. Free NLP Videos.

About NLP Trainer Michael Beale. Find out more about NLP trainer and stakeholder leadership and team coach, Michael Beale.

Contact us and book now. Contact Michael. We offer all potential clients a 30 minute video call, and 3 free discovery sessions to serious potential clients.

SNLP Ethics policy. NLP is a powerful technology, we expect all our graduates to meet SNLP’s ethics guidelines.


NLP Training Courses Partners
NLP training courses partners

Key world partners we work with and strongly recommend

Richard Bandler. NLP co-creator Richard Bandler. Michael is a Bandler certified NLP trainer and NLP coach trainer.

Marshall Goldsmith. Marshall created and developed his unique stakeholder leadership and team coaching process. Michael is a certified stakeholder leadership and team coach.

The Henley Business School. Michael has worked with Henley to produce their Marketing Your Coaching Business online mini course.

Vikram Dhar. Vikram is the leading NLP trainer in India. He is certified by Michael and Richard Bandler as an NLP Coach Practitioner. Once a year, he hosts NLP training courses run by Michael in Bangalore.

Valsakumar P Menon VP runs UV consultants, one of the leading training providers in Dubai. He hosts Michael’s online hypnosis training on a regular basis.

Westminster Insurance. Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Medical Malpractice insurance. Get a quote from our insurance provider.

NLP training courses – questions and answers

NLP Training Courses Questions and Answers
NLP training courses questions and answers

Frequently asked questions:

When can you start your training? As most of our trainings are 1:1 online courses you can start straight away. Simply book your first free session to find out more.

Why become certified in NLP? It will help you clarify your direction/goal and help you achieve them, and overcome any block on route. You’ll amplify your leadership, sales, coaching, project management and relationship skills. SNLP Certification is your gaurantee that you’ve reached the highest standard.

How to get NLP Certification? Attend one of our certification courses, take and active part throughout the whole course, while at the same time demonstrating a touch of ambition,courage,discipline and honesty. Treat the programme as an adventure. You will really enjoy the experience and achieve a lot more than you currently expect.

Which certification is best? We recommend certification where your certificates are signed by either of the NLP co-founders, Richard Bandler or John Grinder. Richard Bandler countersigns the certificates for all our certified programmes.

What are the best nlp courses online free? We don’t currently offer free online courses, however we do offer high quality blogs and videos. A great place to start is our Free NLP techniques.

How much does certification costs? Our certification come as part of completing your NLP course. As an example our Practioner certification is £350 a month over 6 months, Total £2100.

Is your certification good anywhere? Yes NLP co-founder Richard Bandler will countersign successful practitioners certificates as a gaurantee to the qualiy of our programmes.

What is a typical NLP practitioner salary? Most NLP practitioners are freelance and therfore don’t earn a salary as such, and the amount they earn will often depend on how good they are at marketing their services. While some earn almost nothing, many (those that keep going) earn enough to having a very satisfying life. (We’re happy to answer questions on this.)

Are NLP courses worth it? To the right individual, an NLP course is one of the highest ROI programmes they can take. We offer 3 free sessions, so you can prove the benefit to yourself.

Do you offer training in my area? Yes. We offer high quality 1:1 training internatioally over Skype and Zoom, so provided you have a high quality internet connection and speak English, you can access our training anywhere in the world.

Do you offer NLP training courses London? We offer training online, everywhere with a good internet connection. However, in addition, we can run special training courses in London.

When can I start the NLP training? You can start immediately with a free 30 minute taster session.

What support will I receive on an NLP training course? A very high level of support. You have full access to this NLP Techniques site, access to our online success systems training, and can book additional sessions (within reason) at no additional cost.

Are there perquisites for taking this training? As we mentioned before you need to commit to having a degree of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty throughout the programme. Treat all our programmes as an adventure. You need to take an active part throughout the programme. You need to choose us and we need to choose you, and you need to be happy to pay when you get great results.

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NLP Training Courses
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