Success System

Developing your success system – unique online course

We offer a unique online video programme designed to help to develop your own ‘success system’ to help you achieve whatever is important to you in your life.

The course works by you watching each short video and reading the transcript, then answering the short exercise at the end of each section. You can share your answers in the discussion with other students. We all have our individual opportunities and challenges in life so you can be as influenced as much or as little as you want by other participants´ answers – however it’s tremendously empowering  to be able to read other approaches.

All participants need to support and help each other, the discussions are locked to just course participants, and are fully moderated. Unsupportive behaviour is not allowed.

Take part in developing our Success System course

To join us for this adventure, the investment is $95, entry is strictly strictly limited to the first 35 applicants.

There is no official pre-work for the programme, but you might like to watch Ray Dalio’s Principles for Success.

Chapter 1 Programme Overview

Success System Overview

1.1 Welcome. How to use our training platform.
1.2 Introductions.
1.3 Course Structure.
1.4 How to get the most value from the course.


Chapter 2 Concepts and principles

Success System Concepts and Principles

2.1 Your hero or heroine’s journey.
2.2 What we experience vs the story we tell ourselves about it.
2.3 What stops you from succeeding?
2.4 What’s under our control? What isn’t?
2.5 When to speak? When to listen?
2.6 Luck. How can we increase how lucky we are?
2.7 Emotional states and beliefs. What’s useful?
2.8 Building resilience. Bouncing back stronger.
2.9 What might be worth developing?

Chapter 3 Success systems vs goals

Success System Systems vs Goals

3.1 Systems vs goals 

Unit 4 Building Your Success Systems

Success System Building Success

4.1 What’s your direction and purpose
4.2 Success Machine – (How you chose to use your time, energy and attention)
4.3 Success Machine – Vision and simple milestones
4.4 Success Machine – Focus areas and development areas
4.5 Success Machine – Decision making and setting priorities
4.6 Success Machine – Effective time zones, use of time boxing
4.7 Success Machine – Establishing daily routines and habits
4.8 Success Machine – Balancing stress and flow
4.9 Measurement – Introduction and awareness
4.10 Measurement – Daily and Period Questions check in
4.11 Measurement – KPIs and Milestones
4.12 Measurement – Stakeholder feedback and feedforward

Unit 5: Putting it all together. Implementation and Action

Success System Implementation and Action

5.1 Summary and implementation
5.2 Recommended reading
5.3 What’s next.

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  • Gain access to video lessons and assignments.
  • Join our private forum to share and discuss your answers.
  • Set yourself up for success. Find out how you benefit from our approach.
  • Your time commitment: Varied – completing 5 lessons a week will take about 4 weeks.
  • Maximum of 35 participants.

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