NLP Going Solo | Choosing Your Customers

Choosing your Customers

This video explains why choosing the right customers matters.

Choosing the right customers will make a significant difference to your success.

Good customers will improve easily (with your help), be happy to pay well, be a joy to work with, teach you, and be happy to recommend you.

Bad customers won’t cooperate, will resist paying, be a nightmare to work with, teach you nothing, and complain about you to their colleagues.

While you may choose to work with ‘bad’ customers as charity or to ‘give something back’, you do do not want them as a mainstay for your business.

It’s therefore key to have a way of pre-selecting good customers, as well as attracting enough potential customers so that you can say no to those who don’t meet your criteria.

How I select my ideal customers.

In my practice I’m looking for customers that are:

  1. Ambitious
  2. Courageous
  3. Disciplined
  4. Open

Because I know that these attributes, when combined with my own skills, will invariably result in my client’s success.

I’m also looking for customers that have the money to pay, and are happy to do so, provided they get genuine value from what we do.

As part of identifying the right type of clients for me, I let people who are interested have 2 or 3 free sessions so that I can find out if they have these characteristics, and also if what they want is something that I can help them achieve.  It also gives them the opportunity to work out if they want to work with me.

So who is your ideal customer?

The next section is about reaching potential customers. This is a key measure for your business.

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Choosing your customers
Choosing your customers