NLP Going Solo | Section Summary

Going Solo Section Summary

A short video of Michael summing up the Going Solo section.

Running your own business is fun, liberating, challenging, rewarding – but above all, hard work.  The NLP techniques on this website will give you a number of ways to keep focussed on what you are doing, and why, as well as the skills you need to be successful.

  • The majority of new businesses fail within five years. Often, those at the helm have failed to ask themselves some very basic, albeit tough, questions.
  • The balanced scorecard is a useful part of the planning process which focuses your attention on financial results, customer’s, processes and people
  • Within financial results cash flow is key. One of the greatest levers for cash flow is what you charge.
  • With customers, some the greatest levers are your brand, your proposition, choosing your customers and knowing how to reach them.

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Going Solo Section Index

NLP Going Solo 1: Start with the end in mind
NLP Going Solo 2: Balanced Scorecard
NLP Going Solo 3: Customer Proposition
NLP Going Solo 4: Your Brand
NLP Going Solo 5: Choosing Customers
NLP Going Solo 6: Reaching Customers
NLP Going Solo 7: Cash Flow
NLP Going Solo 8: Summary

Going Solo Summary
Going Solo Summary