Starting A Business

Starting A Business | Introduction

Starting a Business

NLP and starting a business. In this video, Michael Beale, international NLP coach and trainer, introduces the series. This first video explains why NLP skills are so useful in starting and running a successful business and the overall content of the series.

NLP gives you two great capabilities that are invaluable in business. First of all, it gives you the mindset to develop and focus on your vision, plan, take action and address any obstacle in your way. Secondly, it teaches you modelling – recognising and learning from the very best practice.

Michael has experience across the whole spectrum of starting and running your own successful business.  His clients over the past 15 years have ranged from people working in corporations who are planning to leave and start their own businesses, through start-ups and young growing enterprises, to people who have made a success of their business and are looking to sell it on.

In the Vuca (variable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world we find ourselves, starting a business can be one of the most variable, uncertain, complex and ambiguous things we can can do. This series aims to make starting a business both more certain and more enjoyable.

This video series will explore the hero/heroine’s journey in starting a business, explore why some businesses fail, and what can be done to make sure they succeed. There is a parallel series on branding and marketing that will also be extremely useful.

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Starting a Business Video Series Index

  1. Starting a business – Introduction (this page)
  2. The Hero’s Journey
  3. Why Businesses Fail
  4. The Importance of Plan Z
  5. How Businesses Succeed
  6. The Balanced Scorecard
  7. Cashflow
  8. Start With the End in Mind
  9. Increasing Revenue
  10. Health and Resilience
  11. How Mindset Affects Success
  12. Brand Proposition
  13. Activity
  14. Habits
  15. Conclusion and Review

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Starting A Business | Introduction
Starting A Business | Introduction