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The Rules of Management

In this video, Michael introduces his rules for managers.

If leadership is about vision, management is about planning how to achieve that vision – It’s about doing what needs to be done effectively, efficiently and with a degree of certainty.  NLP gives you the skills to communicate and feedback effectively, so enabling your team to move forward.

My Six Rules of Management

  1. Think SMART – setting goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timebound) is essential to be a good manager.
  2. Create agreed results as effectively and efficiently as possible. This has to be done within (and possibly beating) any agreed-upon budget.
    1. Continually improve what you’ve got. That means doing it faster, cheaper and, where relevant, to a higher quality.
  3. Increase certainty and reduce risk. Managers plan how to achieve the leader’s vision, making sure team members understand their roles.
  4. Remember the power of 3. The 3 key outcomes to achieve in a year, in a month, in a week and in a day.
  5. Team members need clarity. Again, quoting Patrick Lencioni in his book: The Advantage, each team member needs to be able to answer :
    1. why are we here?
    2. how do we behave?
    3. what do we do?
    4. how will we succeed?
    5. what is most important right, now?
    6. who does what?

In the next section we explore The Rules of Action.

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Rules of Management
Rules of Management