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Rules of Review

In this video, Michael explains why reviewing progress is so important.

We need to review regularly. We cannot tell if our actions are truly creating any changes, nor whether we could be doing things better, without reviewing and assesssing what we are doing and the results we are getting.  However, in many organisations, this vital stage is not always explicitly defined and carried out.

Honest and accurate review is needed for improvement.

This progress is a key part of our current and future success.

We need to know what to measure, how to measure it and how frequently to measure it. In the case of an organisation we need to know who is responsible for each measure, and who is responsible for its accuracy.

As a starting point, there should be a system of daily and weekly questions as well as monthly, quarterly and annual reviews. We need a mix of hard, quantifiable measures such as cash, sales and profits. We need quantified predictions such as orders and cash flow and we need softer measures of more subjective things such as stakeholder perception and customer satisfaction. 

In the next section we look our this NLP Leadership section’s summary.

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Rules of Review
Rules of Review