NLP Leadership | Section Summary

Section Summary

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In this section on NLP Leadership, we have looked at the differences between leadership and management, and the importance for action and review.  NLP can be very effective in creating improvement in all these areas. We have looked at the rules for each of the four areas, showing how to do each of them well.

  • Be clear about the difference between leadership, management, action/execution and review.
  • Know how you would do each to the very best of your ability.
  • Know which is the most important for the job you do and ensure you invest your time accordingly.

In the next section we start looking at NLP Careers.

NLP Leadership Section Index

NLP Leadership 1: Leadership, management, action and review
NLP Leadership 2: Rules of Leadership
NLP Leadership 3: Management
NLP Leadership 4: Action
NLP Leadership 5: Review
NLP Leadership 6: Summary

Leadership Summary
Leadership Summary