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Michael Beale’s video introduction to NLP Career

When I first ran open Business NLP courses, I asked my delegates what would make the courses genuinely useful to them. In addition to the personal goals they had, I always got answers about what would help their careers.

These consistently fell under one of five categories :

  • Managing their manager.
  • Managing their stakeholders.
  • Getting better at whatever they did.
  • Developing their network.


  • Knowing when to ask for help.

But before we jump into them we’ll need a roadmap.

Creating your roadmap

This is no different to what we did in creating your plan in section 2, and you may have already done so in that section. If you have – congratulations. However if you haven’t, now is the time to do so.

To create our career roadmap we need to connect to what’s important to us, create a long term vision, and come up with a simple plan to get there.

Nowadays I advise all my clients to have a longer term plan – which means thinking at least two jobs ahead. I’ve worked with enough CEOs to know that life at the top of a company is uncertain, and it’s both prudent and exciting to work towards a plan. Lower down in a company it may seem safe, but that’s often even more of an illusion.  The real safety is in our network and the skills we develop. 

In the next section we consider managing our manager.

NLP Career Section Index

1: Managing our manager
2: Managing our stakeholders
3: Developing our network
4: Getting better at what we do
5: Summary

NLP Career
NLP Career