NLP Career | Getting better at what we do

This video introduces the importance of getting better at what we do.

Here’s a generalisation and, like any generalisations, it is ripe with exceptions:

If we’re not improving what we do, we’re probably getting worse.

Unless we’re planning to move on in the short term, we always need a plan to get better.

Asking for help and helping others

We’ve placed this in the career section of the guide, however it could appear as a part of almost every section. Asking for help and helping others in return is a major theme in business and in life.

As a starting point, it can be useful to ‘buddy up’ with a supporting colleague so you can help each other with the exercises. An external coach also adds significant value to the process, as can your stakeholders and friends.

You’ll get better results if you select supporters that:

  1. Are genuinely open to support and help (you may be surprised how many people are).
  2. Have an interest in your outrageous success.
  3. Focus on the present and the future (They’re not judging your past performance).
  4. Can tell the blunt, honest truth.

Share your longer term plans with them. Ask what they would do in your situation whilst keeping in mind that it’s always your choice as to what action you take. Always thank them for their suggestions.

The final page in this section is the NLP Career Section Summary.

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Getting better at what we do
Getting better at what we do