NLP Career Section Summary

NLP Career Section Summary

This video is the NLP Career section summary.

  • A career road-map is a natural part of the vision board in the planning section. This NLP career section gives us additional ideas of what to include.
  • Many of us will invest more of our time and mental energy in our career than any other aspect of our lives.
  • A successful career is a mix of vision, purpose, attitude, skills, managers, stakeholders, network, resilience, health and more.
  • Engaging people to help us (and in return help them) is a critical part of our journey.

The next section includes Going Solo¬†– that is, starting our own business. However, don’t think it’s not useful if you are not interested in doing this. ¬†Many of the recommendations apply to running a department or division within a business.

NLP Career Section Index

NLP Career 1: Managing our manager
NLP Career 2: Managing our stakeholders
NLP Career 3: Developing our network
NLP Career 4: Getting better at what we do
NLP Career 5: Summary

NLP Career Summary
NLP Career Summary