Do you need a coach – and how to find the right one.

In this video, Michael answers “Do I need a coach?”

Quite often, our challenges are not unique after all. Many people experience similar difficulties and the solutions have similar patterns. A good coach, over their years of experience, will have built up many ways of addressing any challenges that a client brings.

Good coaches have listened to the concerns of hundreds of people and have kept a careful eye on those that have successfully solved them – learning how people succeed is key to NLP.

However, even a great coach may not be great for you at the time you go looking. You have to find the right coach for your needs, and sometimes, you also have to learn how to use a coach.

The best coaching partnerships arise when the client and the coach choose each other.  Never go with a coach that doesn’t feel right for you. Choosing a coach you’re happy to work with is an important part of the process, remember : you are in charge of your success.

Our advice for choosing a coach

  1. They’ve successfully helped someone like you in the area that you want to be helped. They are happy to share what they did with that client.
  2. They’re clear about what you need to do to be successful.
  3. They genuinely believe in you and genuinely commit to your success.
  4. You’re prepared to be totally honest with them.
  5. You enjoy working with them and are prepared to listen to what they say.
  6. You’re happy to action anything you’ve agreed together.

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What is NLP | Do I need a coach?What is NLP | Do I need a coach?