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The NLP Fast Phobia Cure Technique

The fast phobia cure is an NLP technique that is designed to remove phobias quickly and effectively. The principles have many coaching and therapeutic applications. This post considers a phobia cure script, the principles that can be used in other applications, a video demonstrating the technique, and a link to our unique1:1NLP training.

A phobia is an overwhelming fear of an object, place, situation, feeling, person or animal (spiders are a good example). In the case of a severe phobia, an individual can organise their life around avoiding what triggers the phobia, curtailing their preferred lifestyle, as well as causing them extreme stress.

NLP fast phobia cure
Fast Phobia cure NLP


NLP fast phobia cure script

  • Ask your client to design an imaginary movie cinema in their mind. Let them use their creativity to the full.
  • Ask them to walk into the cinema and sit in the front row in the most luxurious and comfortable seats. Let them fully relax in those seats.
  • When ready, let them imagine that they leave their bodies relaxed on the seat they’ve chosen, float up to the gallery, and sit in some equally comfortable seats in the corner of the gallery. Now they can see both themselves in the front row watching the screen and the screen itself.
  • As they’re watching both themselves and the screen, add the first coloured slide of a movie about their phobia and then run the movie in colour. Freeze the very last slide of the movie and change it to a dull grey so they only just see the content on the slide.

Help them to replay the phobia along with happy emotions.

  • Ask them to remember a song or piece of music that makes them feel good, then ask them to float into the dull grey slide and re-associate with the end of the movie when they’ve already fully recovered from their phobia.
  • When they are ready, ask them to play the movie backward at twice-average speed (or faster if they like), being entirely associated and listening to the music they really enjoy.  When they get to the beginning of the movie, freeze the first frame, still in grey.
  • Ask them to repeat this part of the technique as often as they like, going faster each time.

Disassociate from the phobia.

  • Tell them to float out of the picture and join themselves in the front row of the cinema, noticing the comfort of the seat and then whiting out the whole screen.
  • Ask if they’re ready to watch the film of the phobia in colour from start to finish while being aware of the comfort of their seat. If they’re ready, let them do it. If not, or if they have any trace of discomfort, repeat the previous steps.
  • Give them permission to relive their phobia with the surprise and delight of noticing their response has totally changed. Ask them what they’ve learned from the experience.

(If necessary, simply repeat the previous steps).

With most excellent thanks to Richard Bandler, who created the original fast phobia technique. 

Fast Phobia Cure Principles

This approach can be used to change the emotional element of many memories. It’s like scratching a record, or in a more modern metaphor, bringing a magnet to an MP3 recording; it changes and/or erases the original recording. this list gives you some of the fundamental principles,

  • Make sure you’re in an excellent state before you start working with your client.
  • Ensure their client is engaged in the process
  • Ensure they are in a positive/helpful state
  • Ensure they are viewing themselves in a dissociated state
  • Play the memory backwards, with an upbeat musical background, at a faster-than-useful speed.
  • Re-associate with the original experience
  • Ask them what they’ve learnt that will help them move forward efficiently and quickly.
  • Ask them to express with total honesty what they feel and what they’re thinking at this moment in time.

Fast Phobia Cure Video

Michael demonstrates how to do the technique.

NLP Technique | Fast Phobia Cure

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NLP Fast Phobia Cure
NLP Fast Phobia Cure