What is NLP | How to Get the Most From This NLP Guide

How can you get the most from this NLP Guide?

This video shows Michael Beale explaining how to benefit from this NLP Guide.

I always tell my clients that they will gain the most if they take an active part in their development. The same applies for this guide.

  • You’ll benefit from just reading along,
  • you’ll benefit more when you do the exercises, but
  • you’ll benefit the most if you review your progress with a colleague or coach.

You benefit in proportion to your investment

Remember the concept of investment. We need to invest in ourselves for the long term. Setting long term goals and ensuring you work a little bit towards them each day is a definite path to substantial progress.

My clients are often really surprised by what they achieve. This is because they have had a certain amount of curiosity, ambition, courage, openness and discipline.

If you have these attributes and enjoy the process, then you are likely to find yourself achieving a lot more, and sooner than you thought possible.

(With a lot more fun and satisfaction.)

The next section gives you a Suggested Exercise, if you do it, it will help you later.

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Full NLP Techniques List

What is NLP Section Index

1: What is NLP | What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming 
2: The NLP Adventure Starts
3: Mental maps and world view
4: Cognitive Dissonance
5: Confirmation Bias 
6: More Heuristics, Effects and Biases
7: What does NLP offer?
8: Do I need a coach?
9: Get the most of this guide?
10: Exercise
11: Summary

What is NLP | How to Get the Most From This NLP Guide
What is NLP | How to Get the Most From This NLP Guide