Hypnotic Inductions and Deepening

Two classic ways to induce a trance and three ways to deepen it. We also have a link to an Elman induction and deepening technique.

Hypnotic Induction
Hypnotic induction

Hypnotic Inductions

Hand lift Induction

Ask your partner if you can hold their wrist and raise their hand. Assuming they say yes (no one has ever said no to me, in the unlikely event that they say no, you can move to the second induction.)

Raise their hand and when you’ve reached a reasonable height, say, “Stop, Hold, and Close your eyes.” Remove your hand a few inches (so you can catch it in the unlikely event it falls. If it starts to fall, say, “Hold your hand still.”)

Say, ” That’s right! “Now, you’re totally in control; only let your hand fall at the speed that you can comfortably go into an enjoyable, creative trance. (Repeat with variations as required.)

When the hand reaches their lap, say, “That’s right”, and move on a deepening. (see below),

Betty Erickson Induction (Cycle through representation systems)

Ask your partner, “Tell me a place that you really enjoy.” “Imagine that you’re there; tell me what you see. (you may ask some questions about the submodalities of what they see); after they’ve entirely associated with what they see, ask, “What do you hear (you may have some questions about the submodalities of what they see) Ask “, How do you feel (you have some questions about the submodalities of what they feel).

Repeat again, cycling through what they see, hear and feel.

Use linkage language to bring them into an enjoyable creative trance state.

Hypnotic Deepening

Hypnotic Deepening
Hypnotic Deepening

Lift Deepening

Say, “Imagine you’re at the door of an imaginary lift.” “You can create the lift in any way that you like; it can be an antique lift, it can be a modern lift – you choose. As you get into the lift, you can sit on a comfortable chair, now have fun playing with the buttons (or control handle, as an alternative), and take the lift down two floors, going into a deeper trance every time you do lower, then take the lift up a floor, and then go down to the level you’ll be able to make the most significant changes, quickly and comfortably. When you get there, enjoy the state you’re in.

(You’re now ready for some technique or process language.)

Pivot Grammar Deepening

Say a selection of two-word utterances and reverse them. Eg

Relax now, now relax; soften gently, gently soften; enjoy learning, learning enjoy; good sensations, sensations good, good sensations; passionate pleasure, pleasure passionate. etc.

(You’re now ready for some technique or process language.)

Link deepening to whatever must be happen

“Every time you breathe, you’ll find yourself going into that pleasurable deeper state of trance, and the deeper you go, the more pleasure you’ll find in your life. And your unconscious will track your breathing, and you’ll go into more valuable states every time you breathe, whether you’re conscious of it or not.”

” As your heartbeat keeps beating through this trance, you’ll automatically go deeper and deeper, learning more and more, and every further beat will lead you into more useful states.”

“As the seconds and minutes tick away throughout this trance, you’ll automatically access all those states that will help you achieve what you need. And your unconscious will track each and every second so that you’ll easily make use of every second to help you be drawn forward to achieve that direction that’s important to you.”

(You’re now ready for some technique or process language.)

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