NLP Plan | Daily Questions

Daily Questions

NLP Planning | Daily Questions

In this video, Michael explains how a daily review can be a powerful way to make progress.

Daily Affirmations (Useful Beliefs) / Daily Questions and Evening Mantra

Current Morning and Evening Affirmations (Useful Beliefs)

  1. I am successful and I choose success
  2. I can and will learn  continually, learning is more important than ego
  3. My family is absolutely important to me
  4. I will make the very best of the rest of my life
  5. I and my clients have all the resources we need (we may not know it yet)

Morning Question 

Choose 3 key actions each day to support my end goals / direction?

Evening  – Did I do my best to questions – (score between 1-10):

  1. Find meaning and purpose?
  2. Build positive relationships (including family)?
  3. Add value to my clients?
  4. Achieve my 3 key actions?
  5. Play and have fun and give my clients the opportunity for the same?
  6. Make the very, very best of whatever happens?
  7. Be happy? Remember 3 things I’m grateful for each day?
  8. Be fully engaged? 9. Declare victory?

Evening Direction Questions

And am I being the person I want to be right now? How do I become more of the person I want to be?

How do I enjoyably reach 12 stone 7lbs or less?

How do I enjoyably keep to my daily routines?

Evening Mantra:

Be safe, be secure, be free of suffering – enjoy the dance of learning when the universe temporarily pushes back – be at ease with life – be friends with and embrace the universe – always. And remember when each day has gone – it’s gone. I can enjoy the learnings and start totally fresh each day

The next sections gives a Section Summary of the key points of this planning section.

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NLP Plan Section Index

1: Why plan?
2: Self sabotage
3: Plans A, B & Z
4: Success Quiz
5: Time, energy and focus
6: End goals, milestones and focus
7: Feedforward
8: Planning and review questions
9: Daily questions
10: Summary

NLP Plan Daily questions
NLP Plan Daily Questions