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Self Sabotage

NLP Planing | Self Sabotage

Video of Michael explaining why planning might not be working for you.

Let’s start by looking at the reasons some people don’t plan.

What stops us from planning effectively?
  • We’re frightened of taking responsibility for achieving the plan or uncovering our own strengths and weaknesses.
  • We’ve never learnt how to plan.
  • We haven’t allocated time for it.
  • We make our plans too complicated.
  • We get too comfortable in the ‘fantasy’ of planning and never get around to entering the real world.
  • We’ve been too optimistic in our planning in the past, not produced the results we want, and we’ve blamed our bad results on the planning process.
  • We’ve listened to the experiences of others, who themselves don’t know how to plan effectively.
How can we make planning easier?
  • Keep plans very simple.
  • Allocate time to plan (and review). Timebox it.
  • Accept that any new activity often takes longer than we think. Build generous time-buffers into the plan.
  • Listen to people that make the planning process work for them – not those that haven’t.
  • Relish the opportunity to demonstrate ambition, courage, discipline and openness.
  • Remember that it’s the only way to learn – we can’t succeed without first failing.
  • Learn how to plan. This guide is a good start.
  • Keep at it. The more we follow the process the easier it becomes.

The next session explores the benefits of having a Plan A , Plan B and Plan Z. We may never need our Plan Z, but it’s empowering having a contingency.

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NLP Plan Section Index

1: Why plan?
2: Self sabotage
3: Plans A, B & Z
4: Success Quiz
5: Time, energy and focus
6: End goals, milestones and focus
7: Feedforward
8: Planning and review questions
9: Daily questions
10: Summary

NLP Self Sabotage
NLP Self Sabotage