How much do NLP coaches earn?

Some don’t earn anything. Many earn between $25K and $80K, and a few earn a lot more.

This is a difficult question. An internet search suggests that NLP coaches earn between $25K and $80K a year. However we suspect that some NLP coaches do not enjoy commercial success, although if you put your mind to it you can earn a lot of money.

To run a successful coaching practice you need to attract the the right clients, work on on the business, and develop the right network. These entrepreneurial skills are not taught on the majority of NLP training, and normally require lot of hard work as well as certain character traits and determination.

Making a living as an NLP coach needs a degree of ambition, courage, discipline and openness. If you work hard, you can enjoy financial and geographical freedom as well as the satisfaction of helping others while you grow and develop yourself. Just be aware of the amount of work that’s needed to set up a successful coaching practice.

If you put your mind to it, you can earn much more than the figures quoted above.

However there are many of other ways of benefiting from NLP training aside from setting yourself up as an NLP coach. You’ll benefit in many ways, NLP is an amplifier of the skills you have.

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How much do NLP coaches earn?

How much do NLP coaches earn?