How much does NLP training cost?

NLP training starts at free, to $10-$100 for books and online courses, to $2000-$4000 for traditional face to face training courses and $17500 for Richard Bandler’s 3 day personal enhancement workshop. So you have a lot of choice. (ps our own 1:1 Skype NLP practitioner training costs ¬£300 ($380) a month for 7 months. We offer the first month free).

They all have merit, so choose what’s best for you and treat NLP training as a part of lifelong learning.

My only caution is that NLP training is experiential rather than theoretical, and sometimes people that have learnt NLP from books have to ‘unlearn’ what they’ve learnt when they go to a seminar or start to work with clients.

My suggestion is talk to as many NLP trainers and NLP coaches as you can (including us), listen to what what they say, but then make up your own mind.


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How much does NLP training cost?

How much does NLP training cost?