What is NLP Certification?

NLP certification normally means that you’ve received a certificate from one of the key NLP certification bodies. These include the the SNLP (Society of NLP), ANLP (Global Association of NLP), INLPA (International NLP Trainers Association) and the ITA (International Trainers Academy).

While each society will have their own variations, certifications normally follow the path of

  1. practitioner
  2. master practitioner
  3. trainer
  4. master trainer,

Practitioners and master practitioners will have reached a level to offer coaching and change work, trainers and master trainers will be able to train in NLP and certify practitioners and master practitioners.

(We offer practitioner, master practitioner and coach practitioner certification by the SNLP, NLP Co creator Richard Bandler, John La Valle and Michael Beale counter sign successful participants’ certificates.)

NLP Certification

NLP Certification

Do I Need NLP Certification?

Not necessarily, if you’re using NLP to improve your life and work, then I’d recommend you focus on what will give the best skill set, and what will help you generate the best results for you.  You can still get some really excellent results.

However, while I’d suggest this as your priority, it can feel really good to have a certificate from one of the leading trainers and leading associations.

If you’re planning to become an NLP professional, such as an NLP trainer and/or NLP coach, then I’d recommend that you attend as much training as you can, and over time work through the various certification levels.

While there may be a number of good non-certified practitioners and trainers, I’d be cautious. As with all investments, do your own due diligence before choosing the provider that’s right for you.

Are all Certifications the Same? Does a  Certificate mean I’m Certified?

No.  For example, a practitioner certificate from a Udemy course is different from a full training from trainers from the key accreditation bodies. (This doesn’t mean its not worth doing, but it may not count towards your next training).

Similarly, anyone can produce a certificate, if certification is important to you, do your own due diligence as to the accreditation body.

If you’re looking for the very best NLP certification, look for training providers whose certificates are counter signed by one of the two  co-creators of NLP, Richard Bandler or John Grinder. They created NLP and have continually developed the field over 40 years. Their signatures are the best guarantee that you’re getting the very best NLP training.

How Do I Get Certified?

Each society has slightly different rules, so please check with the trainer or training body you wish to work with.

I give the criteria I use for my delegates further down this page.

Face to Face Training vs 1:1 Training vs online training?

I used to run traditional face to face courses, and still run them for companies, together with the occasional international training. However, my main focus at the moment is 1:1 worldwide certified training. My training is for ambitious participants, of any age, and the programmes normally last for a minimum of six moths.

The right participant they will get significantly more value from this, compared with a traditional training, because of the focus on them and the length of the programmes. I’m happy to discuss the detail on an individual basis.

I also run non-certified online training. These are really useful both at the start of your learning journey, and as a reminder of what’s important.

What is our Certification Criteria?

As mentioned above, my training is specialised and is for individuals of any age that want to significantly improve their results. My certification follows SNLP guidelines with the following additional criteria:

  1. Demonstrate an element of ambition, courage, discipline and openness throughout the programme.
  2. Be prepared to invest at least a minimum of time and emotional energy into the programme.
  3. Take an active part during sessions, and demonstrate that they’ve tested key approaches in their work and personal lives.
  4. Read the necessary books  and take part in agreed tasks.
  5. Complete a brief certification presentation.
  6. Complete society paperwork.

I give three ‘no charge’ discovery sessions, so potential participants fully understand the process, before they commit to any programme.

What Certification Do We Offer?

We offer NLP practitioner, master practitioner, and NLP coach practitioner programmes. These are certified by Richard Bandler and the SNLP. Richard and John La Valle countersign the certificates for successful students.

We also offer excellent non-certified coaching, and online courses. These are great for personal development and uou get an attendance or completion certificate, but they are not certified programmes.

We offer prospective coaching and training clients 3 ‘no charge’ Skype/Zoom/Google Meet discovery sessions, so you can make your own decision as to how well it will work, before you go ahead with a programme.

Find out about our NLP Training and Coaching.

We offer online nlp and coaching programmes, access to Richard Bandler streaming video and audio, high quality 1:1 coaching and high quality 1:1 SNLP certified training.

NLP Training. Read more.

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