NLP Certification | 2022 NLP Certification Guide

What is Accredited NLP Certification?

NLP certification means that you’ve received a certificate from one of the key NLP certification bodies. These include the SNLP (Society of NLP), ANLP (Global Association of NLP), INLPA (International NLP Trainers’ Association) and the ITA (International Trainers’ Academy).

NLP Certification

What are the Key Certification levels?

While each society will have its own variations, certifications typically follow the path of:

  1. practitioner
  2. master practitioner
  3. trainer
  4. master trainer.

Practitioners and master practitioners will have reached a level to offer coaching and change work; trainers and master trainers will be able to train in NLP as well as certify practitioners and master practitioners.

Are you interested in Quality NLP Certification?

We offer 1:1 certified NLP training worldwide, aimed at professional and business people, certified by NLP co-creator Richard Bandler and the SNLP. We offer 3 free discovery sessions for suitable applicants.

Key Questions

What is an NLP certification? – You’ve completed and successfully completed training accredited by one of the leading certification bodies.

Is NLP a recognised qualification? -To some, yes; to others, no – do your own due diligence. In our opinion, it’s best to explore NLP because you see real-world benefits in the skills, capabilities and models that you’ll acquire rather than the certificate you’ll receive.

How do most people benefit from NLP? – They clarify what they want and how to achieve it while overcoming any blocks on their path. Critical applications include leadership, sales, coaching, relationships, managing stakeholders and improving physical and mental health.

Do I Really Need NLP Certification? – Not necessarily. No, If you’re using NLP to improve your life and work, then I’d recommend you focus on what will give you the best skill set and what will help you generate the best results.  You can still get some really excellent results. Absolutely Yes, If you’re setting yourself up as an NLP professional.

A word of caution, we’ve come across self-taught practitioners (without certification), who are really bad. So please do your due diligence on any NLP coach or NLP trainer you choose to work with.

Which NLP certification is best? If you’re looking for the very best NLP certification, look for training providers whose certificates are counter-signed by one of the two co-creators of NLP, Richard Bandler or John Grinder. They created NLP and have continually developed the field over 40 years. Their signatures are the best guarantee that you’re getting the very best NLP training.

How do I become a certified NLP practitioner? – Each society has slightly different rules, so please check with the trainer or training body you wish to work with.

Our certification criteria are:

  1. Demonstrate an element of ambition, courage, discipline and openness throughout the programme.
  2. Be prepared to invest at least a minimum of time and emotional energy into the programme.
  3. Take an active part during sessions and demonstrate that they’ve tested key approaches in your work and personal lives.
  4. Read the necessary books and take part in agreed tasks.
  5. Complete a brief certification presentation.
  6. Complete society paperwork.

How do I become a certified NLP trainer – While each certification body might be different, you will typically need to complete practitioner, master practitioner and trainer certifications. You may also need a short period as a provisional trainer to fine-tune your skills.

What certification do we offer? – We offer NLP practitioner, master practitioner, and NLP coach practitioner programmes. These are certified by Richard Bandler and the SNLP.

(If you want to be an SNLP certified trainer, you need to complete your trainer’s training with NLP co-founder Richard Bandler.)

We also offer excellent non-certified hypnosis and coaching programmes; successful delegates receive an SNLP attendance certificate signed by Michael Beale, John LaValle (president of the NLP) and Richard Bandler (NLP co-creator).

NLP Certificate (Attendance)
NLP Certificate (Attendance)





(Be aware we do not accept Udemy online NLP certification as part of our SNLP certification, we only accept certification from the key NLP accreditation bodies)

Are NLP Courses worth it?

NLP Courses return on investment
NLP Courses return on investment

Yes, the return on investment for the right individuals from the right NLP programme is exceptionally high.

How to find out if you’re the right person and it’s the right programme for you? We offer prospective clients a free 30-minute video call, followed by 3 ‘no charge’ Skype/Zoom/Google Meet discovery sessions so that you can find out for yourself.

How to find out more?

Follow the link to find out more about all our NLP training and coaching programmes; We offer 3 free discovery sessions for suitable applicants.

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