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Is NLP discredited? Or is still a highly effective approach to communication and influence?

NLP is a modeling approach, discredited by some, but highly valued by others.

NLP is a modeling approach which is highly effective when it comes to communication and change. It’s a modeling discipline, although we take into account the latest scientific research, it’s not a scientific discipline. We find out what works and test and build on it, but we’re not as concerned with the reason for it working. Modeling is about results not theory.

With communication and influence what works in one situation may or may not work in another, and our approach is to find out what works where.

A number of people claim that NLP is discredited, or is a ‘pseudoscience’, this is because they haven’t yet found any scientific studies that demonstrate its effectiveness. However, in my view, this is simply¬† a reflection on very small number of studies that have been carried out, and the capability of those carrying out those studies. If we always waited for ‘science’ to prove things, we’d miss out most of the joys of life.¬†On the other hand many have used NLP to to significantly improve their lives.

The test (like so many things in life), is, does it work for you? If you use it to double your salary, start a business, get over a bad relationship or achieve your dreams – it works. However start slowly, demonstrate to yourself that it works, and be evidenced based.

(I’d be happy to discuss Wikipedia’s view on NLP, but that would require a much longer post.)

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Is NLP discredited?
Is NLP discredited?