What is a NLP Master Practitioner?

A NLP Master Practitioner is certified by one of the NLP certification bodies as having reached reached an advanced standard of NLP practice, and is normally highly competent to offer NLP coaching and NLP change work. They will have the skills to model and develop their own NLP techniques and approaches

NLP certification bodies include the ANLP, ABLP, SNLP and the Professional Guild of NLP.

We recommend anyone who wants to work with a master practitioner, does their own due diligence and makes a conscious decision that they want to work with them first, before making a decision to work with them.

Our NLP Master Practitioner certification programme is NLP co-founder Richard Bandler and SNLP certified and  consist of 4 phases a) free discovery, what would make the programme useful to you? b) advanced NLP modeling and hypnosis module c) NLP advanced change techniques d) certification.


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What is a NLP Master Practitioner?

What is a NLP Master Practitioner?