What is NLP Master Practitioner Training? | 20+ NLP Questions

What is an NLP Master Practitioner?

NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Master Practitioner

Become a top-certified NLP Master Practitioner with our unique 1:1 NLP Master Practitioner Courses, available throughout the world. A good NLP Master Practitioner has practised and honed their skills to the highest level.

A good Master Practitioner is usually a certified NLP Practitioner, who may have taken a series of practitioner courses with different trainers, who has practised their skills both in their work and home lives and then taken an NLP Master Practitioner certification. In our experience, Master Practitioners are significantly more effective than Practitioners.

The saying practice, practice, practice comes to mind. If you want to be really good, you need to attract clients in the field you operate. This might be therapy, counselling, sales, coaching, project management, or leadership. Courses, mentors, videos and books play their part; however, real-life experience makes the difference.

Master Practitioners will be particularly good at all aspects of communication and influence and be creative, mentally flexible and resilient. Our clients work towards and achieve:

  • financial freedom
  • career success
  • build businesses
  • improve relationships
  • develop good health and resilience
  • clarify their unique life purpose.

What is an NLP Master Practitioner?

For a Master Practitioner to be certified, they already need to hold a Practitioner’s quaification from one of the NLP certification bodies. After Master Practitioner training they will have reached an advanced standard of NLP practice, and are highly competent to offer NLP coaching and change work, as well as using NLP in business. They will have the skills to model and develop their own NLP techniques and approaches.

NLP certification bodies include the SNLP, ABLP, SNLP and the Professional Guild of NLP. We prefer certification that is accepted by either of the two NLP co-creators, Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

What are the key skills to become a Master Practitioner?

These are the skills we’ve found in the best master practitioner students:

  • They a have good basis of NLP, ideally their practitioner certification is through an NLP trainer certified by one of the two founders of NLP, Richard Bandler or John Grinder
  • They exhibit a touch of curiosity, ambition, courage, discipline and openness/honesty
  • They take an active part in any training (and are able to contribute time and energy to any programme)
  • They are more interested in finding the right answers, than being right
  • As part of their learning they develop a series of useful daily routines and habits
  • They continue their learning throughout their lives

NLP Master Practitioner Books

NLP Boks
NLP Books

We recommend revisions of the essential practitioner books, including The Ultimate Introduction to NLP by Richard Bandler and Richard Bandler’s Guide to Trance-formation by Richard Bandler and Garner Thomson. For Master Practitioners, we recommend they choose their own selection from NLP books and books within their specific area of expertise. You can see our recommended books here: Recommended NLP books.

Master Practitioner Courses

Master Practitioner
Master Practitioner

How can you become a master practitioner?

We run a unique 1:1 NLP Master Practitioner course certified by Richard Bandler and the SNLP. To find out more, see our NLP Master Practitioner Training. We initially offer a free 30-minute call so you can find out more, and if you’re genuinely interested, we offer a free 3-session discovery phase, so you can see if it’s precisely correct for you.

Master Practitioner Video

NLP Master Practitioner Course | Richard Bandler Certified

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